Do I need to exfoliate more?

Im just wondering if I need to exfoliate more, I used to use a wash cloth morning and night to wash my face but I think that’s to harsh on my skin. Heres my regimen:

1.Wash face with hands using Clinigue for men face soap bar

1.Wash face with hands using Clinigue for men face soap bar
2. Twice a week (Wed and Sun) use Aveeno Natural 5 minute face mask

Im not really sure what else I could do to exfoliate, any suggestions? Thanks!

Btw im 15 with sorta oily skin around nose.

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2 thoughts on “Do I need to exfoliate more?

  1. If you feel you’re not exfoliating enough, try some baking soda and water. Its very gentle and cheap too! As for if your exfoliating enough, that is individual. If you think you aren’t, try the baking soda+water. This shouldn’t irritate your skin, but too much exfoliating can, so be cautious.

  2. Hi there!

    If you’re after a product which will exfoliate your skin on a continueal basis, but won’t irritate the skin – MD Formulations Cleanser, which contains AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which is from the sugar cane and basically what it does is, it exfoliates the skin and takes off all the dead skin cells without the harsh feeling of scrubs. You don’t even realise it’s taking place.

    The main cause of acne is these dead skin cells which build up and then block the pores on your face/back etc etc.

    Certainly an amazing line. I’ve mentioned this product range in 9/10 of my forums, but it’s worked wonders for my skin and I feel it would benefit yours also.

    I’m not quite sure as to where you’re from, but I’m sure it’d be stocked somewhere in your domain.

    Check out the website (

    Good Luck!

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