Oily skin agian after accutane?

I had horrible oily skin before i started taking accutane 5 months ago. I hated it as much as i hated my acne, but while acne came and went, my oily skin always stayed the same. 2 weeks on acutane and my face had completely stopped producing all that excess oil which had been bothering me for years.

I guess most people are happy going off accutane, but i’m scared as hell that my oil will come back as bad as before when i’m finished next week. My pores are just as big as before, so i guess they will start pouring out oil agian. Anyone with oily skin finished accutane, did the oil came back as bad as before?

Accutane was a bumpy ride the first months, but after that the only thing to complain about is dry lips. But i would rather have dry lips for the rest of my life than have to wipe the oil of my face every hour for the rest of my life… So i’m thinking, i still got some accutane capsules when i’m completed, so i’m wondering about taking 20mg every (other) day for the next month or two. Then i will atleast enjoy the summer without worrying about oily skin. A stupid and bad idea?

Anything else than accutane that works agianst oily skin? I’ve tried b5, didn’t work, and oil control gels which made me look even greasier. My dermatologist said he could put me on Differin when my face became oily agian, but i tried that for a year before accutane, and it did nothing with excess oil. A long term, low dose of accutane was of course out of the question…

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4 thoughts on “Oily skin agian after accutane?

  1. Paula Begoun (author of the Beauty Bible) recommends putting Philips Milk of Magnesia on your face to control oil. Sounds weird I know… but i’ve heard it works great (cheap too) I’ve never had a big problem with oil so I haven’t tried it but I’d say its worth the shot. You can pick it up at any drugstore.

    oh, i found a quote from Paula’s website:

    “ABSORBING EXCESS OIL: While most people think clay masks are the only way to absorb excess oil on the skin, these are not the only, nor the best choices. I would start with milk of magnesia first. Milk of Magnesia is nothing more than liquid magnesium hydroxide, which is known to soothe skin and reduce irritation, and it has incredible oil-absorbing properties. Magnesium absorbs more oil than clay, and clay has no disinfecting or soothing properties. How often you use milk of magnesia depends on how oily your skin is. Some use it every day; others, once a week. Only you and your skin can determine what frequency works best for you. Apply a thin layer of Milk of Magnesia over your entire face and allow it to dry for at least 10 minutes. Then gently rinse your face.”

    P.S. Make sure you get the unflavored variety. You don’t want to be putting pink peppermint flavored stuff on your face (at least i dont think so…hehe)

  2. hey – i would try differin again… reason being that medication post accutane tends to work!

    i was on retin-a before accutane, did nothing for me and after accutane my derm put me straight back on it. i said the same thing as you – it didn’t do anything for me last time and my derm said that accutance is kind of like a ‘reset’ for your body and you can try other things again – they will have different effects… BTW retin a is doing wonders for me this time round

    what have you got to lose?!

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