Trying this and trying that. So when are you gonna get well?

It’s appalling and dismaying having to come to the realization that there are acne sufferers that just don’t want to be helped and don’t want to heal from acne. So this message is for them.

Two months ago I disclosed to all of you my Natural Treatment for Acne, out of my compassion for, and desire to help, acne sufferers worldwide. Yet, it seems that some of you did not accept the help that was offered to you. Either you didn’t try my acne remedy or tried it for a while to then try something else that appeared more interesting or appealing to you. The fact is that if you have stayed with my acne remedy, by this time you would have already cleared your skin.

As it has been said: “Success requires perseverance, determination and a clear goal.” It’s obvious that you have a clear goal: to clear your skin and get rid of acne, and hopefully, permanently. But how do you expect to achieve that goal if you lack consistency in whatever you are doing to treat your acne. You are not going to get any lasting results by trying one acne treatment after another without giving any the chance–and time–to work? Simply put, you cannot reach a destination as soon as you would like by taking detour after detour.

My acne remedy works, but you have to work at it, and allow it to work. It does not cure acne, but it is a simple, powerful and effective method to clear your skin, not to mention, inexpensive, harmless, and easy to prepare and use. What else do you want? Isn’t better, and more intelligent of you, to wait for the acne cure while you have a clear skin than to be searching and searching for acne treatments, suggestions and tips, to try one, abandon it, then try another, and on and on? Is that really the way to tackle and solve an acne problem? In the meantime, weeks, months, and years go by, and you are still at square one. So, in doing so much, you are indeed accomplishing little, if nothing. As the saying goes: “A quitter doesn’t win, and a winner doesn’t quit”

If I have been trying this and trying that, instead of sticking with my acne remedy, I would still be dealing with the nasty acne flare up that I got several months ago. But I stuck with my acne remedy because I did not know anything else to treat my acne, nor I followed tips or suggestions from anybody else to do this or to do that. And the impressive improvement that I saw on my skin after I apply it for the first time, strengthen my belief, faith, and trust in my acne remedy and gave me the assurance that I was doing the right thing. And the results spoke for themselves. Thus, my efforts paid off, and my determination, perseverance and patience were rewarded. Two months after I started my acne treatment, my skin was clear. Why then it cannot be the same with you? What is then keeping you for achieving the same quick and satisfying results?

I don’t believe that the nasty acne flare up that I got just happened by accident but that it was meant to happen so that with my experience I would then help others overcome their situation. So it is time that you be grateful and appreciative of the help that has been offered to you. For Infinite Intelligence is kind and generous and It has responded in kind to your cries for help. Therefore, take your skin problem seriously because it is a serious problem. It is not only your face that acne affects but also your life. How many things has acne prevented you from doing that you wish you could do and other people so freely and happily do?

As the saying goes: “If you keep on doing what you have been doing, you are going to continue getting what you have been getting.” By your lack of consistency in treating your acne you are unnecessarily prolonging your acne condition, and your suffering. And, in the end, you will have only one person to blame for it: yourself. For it is you who, by trying this and trying that, are getting in the way of your own recovery and healing from acne. So it is time that you be patient, persistent, determined, and really focus on treating your acne without allowing any distractions. In that way, instead of tell us about what you are trying, or intend to try, to treat your acne, you will convey to us the good and happy news that your skin is clear–at last.

Good luck to all of you, and best wishes for a permanent relief from acne.

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11 thoughts on “Trying this and trying that. So when are you gonna get well?

  1. Hifi i respect you decision to post this.

    But you must realize there is no one treatment that will definetly help everyone. Some people use apple cider vinegar and love it, other people broke out from it. Some people used B5 and it cleared them and reduced their oil, and others it did nothing besides give them diarrhea.

    We are all different, if people decide to not do your treatment that’s their perogative. But we thank you for giving it to us as something that we could try if we decided to.

  2. Rather than critizing and demeaning fellow acne sufferers for not being loyal followers to your supposedly patent pending treatment, why not simply make it known of your personal belief of the effectiveness it carries? There is no one right answer or one single cure to rid EVERYONE of acne. If your treatment is as effective as you ‘pitch’ it to be, I would expect people to begin posting their results soon, as you claim to see ‘a new you’ in a matter of weeks.

    I don’t know the whole story of how you first presented your treatment, as the mods have edited most of it. However it appears you initially tried to sell this info on a place where people spend countless hours helping people out of the goodness of their hearts. So I hope you can clearly see, why many people have reservations as far as what your true motives are.

    Your treatment may or may not work, but I think you are going about spreading the word, the entirely the wrong way. I am curious on what grounds you filed for a patent and why if this is such an effective treatment and if you are truly trying to help people from your heart, are you attempting to restrict the distribution of this information except through channels that you control and that earn you money?

    Doesn’t make sense if you ask me…

  3. Hifitiger, what right do you think you have to come on to this forum
    stating that acne sufferers dont want to be helped or cured????
    When you first posted on this forum with your cure you were looking
    for money and it was only that the forum admin blocked you
    as a potential SCAM did you decide out of the ‘goodness of your
    heart’ to share your miracle for free!! As edenfield said different
    peolple react to different treatments, with acne you can never
    generalise. Ok i could say that you perhaps are very excited
    about your cure and are so keen to pass it on that you are
    getting frustrated with the lack of mass movement towards your solution
    but you are coming across as very arogant and patronising and to be
    honest you have insulted me and im sure others with your comments.
    Knowone here needs a lecture, it will help nobody and in fact will only
    put people off checking out your remedy and what you should be
    thinking is even if you can help one person then thats a good start!

  4. The following qutoes are from HifiTiger’s website :

    Acne Remedy Description

    The Natural Treatment for Acne is a topical preparation made of:
    – One part lime or lemon juice (e.g. 1/4 of a cup, or two ounces,
    which is about the amount of juice from an average lime)
    – One part (either white or apple cider) vinegar (e.g. same amount as
    that of the juice)
    – A little sea salt or regular salt (e.g. 1/2 of a teaspoon)

    Mix the vinegar and the juice and add the salt little by little. It should taste salty but not too salty. Stir the mix well until the salt is thoroughly dissolved, otherwise when the preparation is applied it can leave a white residue on the skin.

    He then later states:

    Disclaimer: The claims I have made about this Natural Treatment for Acne are mostly based on my own experience using it. Thus, if it is used properly, accordingly to the directions I have given above, I guarantee its user quick and satisfying results. For I can indeed testify to its effectiveness and safety. Therefore, since I cannot be present to witness if it is being used as directed, no used, misused, or abused, I am not responsible or liable for any unexpected results, or lack of results, on the part of its user.

    HifiTiger, if this simple preparation is working for you, then that’s wonderful, all power to you, and I’m very happy for you. Personally, I don’t think I would want to put such acidic liquids and salt (which is drying ) on my face on a daily basis myself nor would I want to smell like vinegar all the time. In fact, sodium chloride (salt) is listed as a “5”, which is the highest (worst) grade of comedogenicity, on the list at , which would also make me hesitant to try your recipe. This might work great for you but for others it might irritate their skin and inflame and worsen their acne. You can’t know, because you clearly have not done any extension research or testing on it with large numbers of people. Skin care formulators oftentimes spend years researching products before they recommend them to people.

    It’s nice that you decided to make the recipe available to the public, but I have to say I really dislike the chastising, angry and arrogant tone you take in this post. As acne sufferers, we’ve been blamed enough for having this disease! We don’t need to get any more blame on the board. It is also very understandable that people would start to doubt various treatment recommendations after having tried a jillion things already with no success.

    Now, I agree with you, that sometimes people do not give a particular treatment enough time to really work, and there are some treatments that can take 4-6 months to really start clearing the skin, and some even cause initial flare-ups. This is particularly true for dietary changes and supplements, but is also true for many topicals. Still, to chastise us for not believing in your untested, unresearched formula enough to try it for months, is really uncalled for and inapproriate. I like natural treatments myself also, but I’ve done enough smearing of food on my face in my lifetime, thank you very much. My skin is doing wonderfully so far using the BioElementes Acne Clearing System, along with my diet and meditation.

  5. hifitiger

    this post may be the wierdest post i have ever read on this board. I can only respond to it in one way. What the fuck is wrong with you?!?!? Seriously, you are crazy.

  6. Edenfield,

    I appreciate thanking me for giving acne sufferers an alternative to treat their acne.

    I totally agree with you that each one of you has the absolute prerogative in whether to try or not my acne remedy–a right and decision that I certainly do respect. You are also correct in saying that we are all different, hence might react differently to the same acne treatment. But that is not a valid argument to not try my acne remedy. Just look at what somebody here, Mayze, stated about it:

    Well I went to the grocery store today and bought the ingredients that are used for your topical. I mixed them up and applied them to my face. All I can say is “WOW!!” In just a short time my face has already started to clear up.

    So my acne remedy really works, but you have to work at it, let it work, and stay with it.

    Finally, I commend you for seeing the positive in what I stated in my post, unlike other posters that chose to concentrate in finding something negative in it and reacted accordingly. Half a glass of water might appear to one person half full while for another person half empty.

    So thank you for being understanding, respectful, and cordial in your response.

  7. Jim1,

    I deeply lament that my words appeared to you as “criticizing and demeaning fellow acne sufferers.” My post was about stating facts, based on my observations, regarding a disquieting phenomenon that I noticed among acne sufferers–even among dieters–well before I came to this bulletin board (I will elaborate more on that later on in my last post). So please don’t take offense for I did not mean to “criticize or demean” anyone.

    You mentioned that you “don’t know the whole story of how [I] first presented [my] treatment.” So since you (and other acne sufferers here) are not aware of all the details, I’d like to give you an overview of the situation and how it developed.

    Yes, I was initially selling my acne remedy, though not here, but at my website. I placed in this bulletin board a link to my website to invite acne sufferers to visit it and try my acne remedy, especially those who felt justified in stating that “Nothing Works,” after having tried treatment after treatment with apparently no satisfying results. Unfortunately, a person here, DanishDude, after visiting my website, stated that my acne remedy was a “scam.” That’s was due to the fact that he did not see the information he was expecting to find there: ingredients, testimonials, etc. But such little word was too inflammatory and his unwarranted and baseless claim inflicted tremendous distress upon me and caused between both of us a lot of arguing about the issue.

    Then, to add to my bad luck, while all that arguing was going on, omega “man,” posing as a sincere and honest acne sufferer, begged me not to sell my acne remedy but to give it for free. I naively trusted her faked and false request and, out of my sympathy and compassion for acne sufferers, I disclosed my acne remedy.

    To make matters worse, as soon as I disclosed my acne remedy, namely, just after, not before, of my disclosure of it, somebody from the Administration of this bulletin board (I presume Mari, its founder), removed the link to my website, under the false pretext that it was “Advertising of a scam.” Then, she further stated another falsehood, this time about one of its ingredients: sea salt. She alleged that: “… salt is the worst [thing] you can put on your skin.”

    And that indeed prejudiced and negatively influenced some acne sufferers. One of them, Tatum, even wondered if she should use my acne remedy for she thought perhaps salt could make her acne worse, and asked Mari to further elaborate on her claim. But Mari did not bother to respond to either my response (where I showed with facts that her false claim has not basis), or to Tatum’s request.

    The fact is that everyone that has had the opportunity to visit my website has realized by now that it is not advertising any scam. Even DanishDude don’t believe any longer that my acne remedy is a scam. He stated that it was a scam not out of malice, but out of lack of information (on my acne remedy), which indeed was not available at my website.

    Finally, for what you referred to as “controls of information” that I have at my website, which you stated “earn [me] money,” there is an explanation I need to make. I filed for a patent in order to protect my discovery/invention, and the other measures are to protect myself from liability, as well as to protect my rights to my discovery/invention and the related written material that I have authored. And in regard to the touchy subject of money, I am not charging any money for my acne remedy and donations to my cause are voluntary.

  8. Lenore,

    I’m amazed at your naivete in having fallen for Mari’s false and groundless claim about salt being bad for our skin. I assume then that neither Mari nor you swim in the sea, or use any salt in your cooking, or eat anything that contains salt, for if salt is bad for the skin, and skin is a tissue, then salt must be also bad for the tissue that lines the walls of your digestive system. And I guess then that we should close all beaches and post a big sign with a warning, saying:


    This water contains salt (in case you don’t know). One of our authoritative experts asserts that “salt is the worst [thing] you can put on your skin.” Therefore, you are advised against swimming in these waters. Thus, if you do so against our expert, sound advice, then it is at your own risk!

    The fact is that, actually, seasalt is good for the skin. As somebody here, Reza, aptly stated:

    i dont think iv read about salt being bad for acne, if i can remember correctly id say salt helps alot
    a lot of people have reported being clear while on holiday and swimming in the sea etc

    Why then the Dead Sea is such a tourist attraction? Because people go there to bath in its waters for medicinal and therapeutic reasons since the water is rich in minerals, yet it has seven times more salt than the ocean. Even salty baths (in a bathtub filled with 12 gallons of water mixed with a pound of salt) are recommended for “improving the overall condition of the kidneys, correcting mineral imbalances in the body; and for relieving pain, insomnia, worry and other stresses.” (Source: Pocket Guide to Macrobiotics, by Carl Ferré, p. 102.)

    So it is not salt that is bad for us but its consumption in excess. For everything, no matter how good it is, is bad in excess. Even water, which we cannot live without it, drank in excess can be lethal. A young student who was victim of hazing at his college was forced to drink five gallons of water and as a result died on the spot. The water went to his brain and killed him. The same has happened to marathon runners who have fallen dead on the tracks. Exhausted after a race, they tried to calm their thirst by drinking water. The reality is that they did not need water. What they needed was some salt, either salt tables or some salty snack, to replenish the lost sodium in their sweat. Yes, salt would have saved their lives. That’s how important salt is for our bodies. Salt is in our sweat, tears, and blood. Without salt in our bloodstream we would die for it is salt that cleanses and renews our blood. Likewise, the sea–which has been turned into a huge dump for human waste–without salt would be just an enormous cesspool, for it is salt that purifies it.

    So Mari’s claim, and yours, that salt is bad for the skin, doesn’t stand close scrutiny, for just common sense shows that such a claim is baseless, preposterous, false and absurd. Salt was even used in lieu of toothpaste long before toothpaste was invented.

  9. Singz,

    You are certainly entitled to your opinions and have the undeniable right to express them. You may disagree all you want with what I stated in my post, but even if you were shocked and confounded by it, that doesn’t grant you the automatic right to bran me “crazy.”

    I wonder if you really know what “crazy” really means. It means: “Unsound of mind or insane.” But to be insane someone has to be unable to know the difference between right and wrong. Do I sound like I don’t know that difference?

    Besides, by calling someone “crazy” you are actually putting yourself at the level of sociopaths, morally depraved individuals, who instinctively and customarily portray those they victimize as being “crazy” or “sick” in a clever attempt to divert attention from their own sick, devious and criminal minds. Are you then a sociopath?

    The word “crazy” and the word “scam” are nowadays used too frequently and they are indeed inflammatory expressions that can easily damage the reputation of a person and stigmatize him/her for life.

    So I urge you to be more careful in your assessment of somebody just because what they state strongly contradict your views and/or expectations on a particular issue. For, otherwise, you are being intolerant, that is, “angered by contrary opinions and beliefs.”

  10. This message is aimed at those of you whose sensitivities I might have hurt with what I stated in my initial post and who, as a result, posted resentful, angry and/or hateful responses. I have read and reread what I wrote in search of what could have offended some of you. Now I realize that it was not what I stated what created such a storm of controversy, but what I did not state. Namely, the background information that, in shortening the post, I edited out, which would have shown the reasons and motivations that I had for stating what I honestly believe to be facts and truths about the issue. Hence, I delivered to you just the raw truth and, as it has been said, “Truth brings forth hatred.” So it’s obvious then that, in doing so, I wounded, without wanting to, the ego of some of you here. And being the ego something so precious and sacred for each one of us, in wounding your egos I have aroused ill feelings. For that I am truly sorry. So please accept my wholehearted felt apology.

    What follows then contains the background information that I left out.


    Never in my wildest dreams I ‘d have ever imagined that my post was going to cause such a stir. Yet, some of you chose to see what I stated in a positive light and reacted accordingly. Edenfield and Jim1 stated their points nicely and clearly, and with due respect, while others launched into angry, hateful, and mean-spirited personal attacks against me. So not only the words that I used at my website to present and offer my acne remedy were put in doubt, but now its effectiveness, and even my sanity has been questioned. Despite all, I believe that there is goodness in every one of you, even in my critics and detractors. So why put aside such a goodness to shoot from the lip? Let’s keep this debate civilized and allow harmony, respect, understanding and consideration for each other to prevail.

    I did not state falsehoods about anybody, or anything, here, unlike some individuals who have done just that in this bulleting board about me, my website and my acne remedy. I have stated what I still consider to be facts and truths, based on my personal observations on what I have seen going on in the acne sufferers communities of both the Internet and the outside world. But because I dared to tell some truths about what some of you are doing, or not doing, to solve your acne problem, you have made me the target of your anger and hatred. So instead of becoming defensive, and offensive, and letting your negative emotions run your head, why not carefully read and analyze with a clear head what I stated in order to find something positive and of value in it? Still, if in stating what I stated I stepped on some toes, more than an apology I owe you an explanation. So please bear with me.

    My post was not intended to “criticize, demean, or castigate” any of you, but to call your attention to a disquieting phenomenon I first noticed in the dieters community–well before I got into the acne issue. I noticed that some dieters would try dieting system after dieting system to then proudly announce that they have tried all of them but that “Nothing Works.” I saw such an attitude more as dodging personal responsibility and a pretext to avoid personal accountability. For, to save face and hide the fact that they did not properly work at the particular dieting system they were trying, instead of blaming themselves for their failures in losing weight, they would badmouth the dieting system they left behind, and move on into the next.

    So days after I disclosed my Natural Treatment for Acne, I observed something similar here. A smart gal, who was initially interested in my acne remedy, tried something else, and when she learned of another acne treatment, she then stated that she was trying the former in the morning and the latter at night. But what appalled me the most was a long post of hers (with information from another website) where were listed more than thirty suggestions and tips to treat acne, of which she highlighted twelve that she said that she’d like to try, inviting others acne sufferers to join her in her experimental quest to then talk about it.

    As a result, I wondered if that was really for her the way to tackle and solve her acne problem. For by trying one acne treatment after another, or all at the same time, she was not going to get well, or even better, but perhaps worse, from putting so much stuff on her face that was either making her skin too sensitive, or desensitize it to good stuff. Then I realized that there were others acne sufferers doing something similar, not letting anything really work, but jumping into the next, and the next, acne treatment, with no end in sight. And all that despite of having at hand, and at no charge, my acne remedy, which would have indeed given them the so-much-sought-out acne relief and improvement to their skin.

    Having the Internet and all the available information on acne is a great thing, but too much of a good thing can also be bad for acne sufferers, because we can get overwhelmed by too much information. This in turn can distract us in the journey to our goal and hence hinder what we intend to achieve. I state that because I know of a teenage girl with a severe case of acne who used my acne remedy and did not allow distractions in her treatment but religiously applied herself to it and thus was able to clear her skin in about two months, as it happened to me. Yet, a woman, with also a severe case of acne, to whom I first told about my acne remedy, quit after three weeks (to start another acne treatment), precisely at the time when she was receiving complimentary comments for the dramatic improvement in her facial appearance. For an acne condition that took years to develop she wanted an immediate cure, hence she was impatient and couldn’t wait just six more weeks for her skin to clear.

    And those are some of the facts, and personal observations, on which I based my assertions as presented in my initial post. Therefore, I did not mean to “criticize, demean, or castigate” any of you, but to call your attention to such a disquieting phenomenon. Thus, because you were not aware of what motivated and drove me to state what I stated, my statements were misconstrued and, very understandable, you felt offended and hurt, which I deeply regret.


    So there you have it. My acne remedy is for you to try at your own time, ease, convenience, and at no charge to you. You have then the prerogative to try or not to try it. But if you try it, and do so according to the directions I have given, there is going to be a happy outcome: your skin will clear in about two months. In that case, I would appreciate if you let me know of your success, for I would like to hear about it and rejoice in it. For as I stated when I first introduced my acne remedy (and I meant and mean every word of it):

    I am therefore interested in your satisfaction and happiness, more than in your money. For if by using this Natural Treatment for Acne you benefit from it by getting a clear and healthy skin, you’ll be satisfied and, more than that, happy, and your happiness is the finest reward and best compensation I can receive for my efforts.

    Best wishes to you all. Take care. God bless you.

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