Has anyone ever heard of this honey? I did a search on wholefoodsmarket.com – there is a whole foods store near me – I wanted to try it – as everyone is talking about honey – do you think this would work??? I dont have any stores in the state that carry manuka – so I thought maybe this might work???

any suggestions???

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11 thoughts on “Rare Hawaiian ORGANIC WHITE HONEY

  1. Thanks Maya…actually when I went to the store (whole foods) they had the manuka honey – I used it but it didnt help….I cant seem to get rid of this “thing” on my forehead – its right between my eyes! I look like a monster….I feel like I have tried everything – my skin is just NOT healing – It’s like I have a big hole in my head and it’s quite large…I have used the tea tree oil, i have used numerous masks, creams, apple cider vinegar, pure vitamin e oil….and its no better – its been on my face for almost 3 weeks…any suggestions?? What am I missing?

  2. Is it a cyst? How does it look?

    I read that spots between the nose bridge are to do with a toxic liver … have you tried cutting out all junk, sugar etc? Drinking lemon water?

  3. To tell you the truth I have no idea what it is??? Right now it looks like a big open sore – it was a zit at one time – and I think with all the products I have used prior it just burned the top layer of skin off – but there must still be something in there and thats why its not healing…..

    I dont typically have skin problems – just this one area – it was a problem about 6 months ago –

    As for my eating habits…Overall i eat pretty healthy…No meat (only chicken) – but I LOVE cheese – I eat alot of pasta – and Papa Ginos once a week is a must – ok so my eating habits arent the greatest
    I dont smoke and I only drink occasionally –
    I need to drink more water!!!

  4. This is an old ayurvedic remedy … worth a try since you already have the manuka honey.

    Go and get some tumeric powder from any health/indian spice store … mix a tiny bit with manuka honey into a thick paste and apply it for an hour and then wash off (be careful, the tumeric stuff stains clothes etc..) do this as often as you can (2-3 times a day would be good if you are able to do this) …….

    be patient though, it sounds like it’s a deep wound now …. so give the above several days and hopefully it could help.

  5. Its definitely worth a try – How did you become so knowledgable???

    Thank you so much for your help!!!

  6. Another suggestion is to use eggs. First, apply egg yolk to it (you’ll have to beat the yolk first), layer it on for an hour or so. Then wash it off.

    After, whip the white lightly, and apply it in layers, keep doing this … it will harden on the skin … apply as much as you can over several hours and leave it overnight to dry. Wash off in the morning.

    You can alternate this with the manuka honey and tumeric paste.

    Good luck, would love to hear how you get on. There is nothing worse than a sore that doesn’t heal on your face! I can totally empathise with you.

  7. I’ll try the eggs too!! I will definitely give you an update by the end of the week….hopefully I’ll start to see some gimpse of hope by then…
    What stinks is I work FULL TIME – so im at work all day and cant treat it – I wish i could take some time off for this to heal…but that wont happen – I going to try these tonight as soon as i get home!

    Thanks so much – I truly appreciate your help!!!

  8. if i was u id stop puttin anything on ur face at all for a few days, and try not 2 touch it > it sounds like uve put loadsa stuff on it and its probably makin it worse.

  9. This is an old ayurvedic remedy … worth a try since you already have the manuka honey.

    Go and get some tumeric powder from any health/indian spice store …

    Hey Maya, :wave

    are you talking about the turmeric powder used for cooking? I think thats the only kind they sell in those indian stores. If you put it on face, wouldn’t it totally stain and turn ur face yellow? thnx for the remedy 🙂

  10. Hey mickeyinluv – yes, that tumeric powder. It does stain but will come off when you wash with mild soap. It’s very antibacterial and the manuka honey is too – hopefully, together they can drive away the demon sore on jb’s face.

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