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I saw the Ojon hair treatment on QVC and it looked like it might be something that would be good for my hair. My hair is curly, wavy, thick and bushy and frizzy, and it has a mind of its own. It really looked like this product was taming people’s hair. I want to retain the curl, but get rid of the frizz and bushiness. It’s made from palm nut oil, I think. Has anyone ever tried this stuff? The website is http://www.ojoncollection.com . They said that supplies of the product are limited for environmental reasons, though. I hope they don’t run out of it before I get the money to try it. I also hope that it doesn’t cause any problem with acne. I think it’s applied before shampooing though, so it probably would be okay. The “after” shots always showed the people with their hair straight, even if the “before” was curly. I don’t want something that’s going to straighten my hair, but just condition it, so the curls separate.

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7 thoughts on “Ojon hair products

  1. I got the Ojon treatment and I’ve used it a couple of times. It’s a good conditioner, but not as miraculous as they made it out to be. My hair is still a big bushy thing. Oh, well…

  2. You know, after having used the Ojon treatment a couple more times, and using a little on my dry hair after styling also, I have to say that my hair seems much softer and in much better condition. I’ve also been using Druide shampoo and conditioner, which I got at Follow Your Heart health food store in Canoga Park, CA (the website for Druide is http://www.druide.ca ). I want to try their leave-in conditioner and styling gel too, but I don’t think they give out samples. My scalp has been very comfortable also, not itchy and irritated like other hair products I’ve tried. I haven’t been breaking out around my hair line or anything either.

  3. ooh lenore that druide stuff is awesome..it’s made here in canada too!

    maybe i can it for you cheaper?

  4. Oh, Lenore, you and your hair…! Do you ever feel like it’s a separate entity? I had a friend in uni with thick red hair, and she came in my dorm one day and said, “You know, my hair woke up this morning and said, ‘The heck with you, I’m having my OWN day!’ ” hehehe…

    Have you thought about just braiding it every day, like in a french braid? Or having it straightened? I know that’s harsh on the hair, but arne’t there like reverse perms that straighten, not curl?

    Don’t know which is worse, having hair like a thicket for like mine that’s so fine and soft it won’t even hold a hair slide or even a headband without sliding off my head Even bobby pins slither down onto my shoulders!


  5. Yes, Yorkie, my “incredibly expanding” hair is sometimes like another entity jumping up and down and waving its arms on top of my head, I’ll tell ya’. My ex-husband used to call it my “Isro” (like a Jewish Afro), or my “JewFro”, only it’s a foot and a half long (or wide, as the case may be). I want to get it tamed down but without making it stiff and “crunchy”. I want it to still feel like hair, not plastic.

    Edenfield, thanks for the offer, but that’s okay. I’ve spent so much money on my Dr. Hauschka skin care products that the hair products seem cheap in comparison (sigh). I’m thinking of trying Druide’s leave-in conditioner and their hair gel. Have you tried those? I don’t want a hair gel that contains any PVP, though (that poly-vinyl-polymer or something that makes the hair really stiff and may be toxic).

  6. Sorry, I forgot to check back here…

    From the other thread, it sounds like you’re having better luck with the Druide stuff! I hope it works for you!!

    Your “JewFro” cracked me up…that’s hilarious!!

    I think I asked earlier about ionic straighteners…did you ever have any luck with those?


  7. Have you tried using the Ojon Shampoo and conditioner. Also they have Styling products that work very well. The Treatment is just half of the Ojon Experience. :angel

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