Nutritional Deficiences

How can i find out if i have a nutritional Deficiency?And where can i get it done???

I’ve rang every health clinic in my area and nutritionists and they don’t take bloods.One said they do it by something beginning with K like from your pulse points 😕

One said i’ll probably have to ask my doctor to do it but i don’t think he’d be up for that!!!

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12 thoughts on “Nutritional Deficiences

  1. Some do urine tests to check vitamin and mineral stuff … but I don’t think they’re that accurate since it may not be a case that you are not putting enough in, it may be a case that you are not absorbing the goodness you put in (therefore you always need to look at liver and colon health)

    Do the liver and colon cleansing Kelly … it seems like you are going round in circles with diets and that is unhealthy not just physically, but emotionally too.

    Your hormones and toxins create acne, diet can help with that, but if you do liver flushing and colon cleansing, your body will have a clean slate to work from … and your hormones will balance out naturally.

    A good diet, without internal cleansing first (for acne sufferers) is the equivalent of painting over a greasy wall …. the paint won’t stick.

    Don’t waste any more time with this and that diet Kelly … it’s no way to live! There are plenty doing liver and colon cleansing here and getting good results.

  2. I’m really not sure,Maya.I’m confused!!!To be honest,i’ve never really,really stuck to a diet for my skin entirely.I’ve always cheated abit here and there.I feel i need to try it for say,4-6 weeks and then if there is no improvement,i can rule diet out as a treatment.If it works,then great! 🙂 I’m not sure whether to see the naturopath i was talking about in my thread though 😕

  3. Just to add;i also think that the low GI foods diet seems quite sensible with regards to acne.It does make sense with the insulin and the hormones etc…

  4. I have to agree with Maya 100%. I have went through different clean diet from raw vegan to paleo diet/perricone diet/ Weston A. Price diet purely for eight months. My skin has improved little bit. I just get done with my bowel cleanse. Now, liver cleanse is my next step.

    I would suggest you to move on to new step beyond just diet to cleanse internally. I really like how Maya describes diet is like a painting tries to fix the mess. But it may not work. You need to clean that grease off from the wall. It will take time. It is not going to be two weeks project.

    I know you may be going to be overwhelmed to begin a new step to clean internally. If you need a quick guide, I would recommend you to get 40 dollars worth e-book from It includes clean diet and bowel and liver cleanse. Or you can reserach on your own through message boards and

  5. Kelly, don’t go to nutritionists, an antiaging expert (aesthetics physician or something) can get your blood and HAIR tested for mineral, vitamin deficiencies as well as for your cell oxydation (aging) status. You can also go to a good lab and get some info there.
    I got my tests a few moths ago and although I was supplementing my diet, it turned out that I had many deficiencies, mostly of trace elements, coenzyme Q10, etc.
    The hair test is highly reliable because each hair stores the amount of nutrients that your body has absorbed over 3 months. You need only 1 gr of hair.

  6. Hi Kelly,
    Search your area for a doctor who has specialised in aesthetics medicine or something similiar, they should know about antiaging programmes. You can find such professionals in any big city, as well as big labs with the appropriate means to do such tests.
    I’m not sure if I can post the link to the site of the lab where I had my tests done for you to read about their services…

  7. Hi Leanansidhe 🙂
    You could send me a PM with the link;but i think you can actually post a link to something like that anyway 🙂

  8. The lab i spoke to in London is similar to that lab but they said you must go through your doctor.I’m not sure how i’d get my hair sample to that lab as it’s in Spain 😕

    I’m going to begin taking some supplements,so really it’d just be testing for deficiences in Magnesium,Selenium,Chromium,Calcium and Iron.I could just take those in supplements too 😕

  9. You must ALWAYS go through a doctor, Kelly, and you should need someone to interpret the tests for you afterwards. But you can get a qualified doctor to prescribe you the tests quite easily, just tell them you’re worried and would like to check this out before starting any other treatment. Of course, you must find a place near you 🙂 . Anyway, I hope I was of some help. Best of luck!

  10. Thanks for your help 🙂 I’m not sure i’m going to have a nutritional deficinecy test at the mo.I’ll just take the supplements.If i still have a skin problem after trying diet and supplements,i may then have this test done.Thanks for helping 🙂

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