How I’m Staying Clear (Master Cleanse + Liver Flush) [DIARY]


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Basically what this does is gives your digestive system a rest, you basically fast on a lemon juice and maple syrup drink as well as cayenne pepper powder.

Today May 22, 2004 is my 6th day on the MC (Master Cleanse). What am I feeling? Suprisingly extreme amounts of energy, much more then when I actually ate. Weird. I’ve been taking no naps during the day, I’ve never even felt a low spike, and I’m up around 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. I sleep alot better, my skin problems are clearing up, my skin is healing faster, there is less to no more redness in my complexion and overall I feel great. I am even able to go on long jogs and workout sessions.

Along with the Master Cleanse, I’ve been doing Psyllium and Bentonite Shakes, as well as a Parasite Cleanse.

Psylllium and Bentonite can be bought from a health food store, or even supermarkets now a days. The Psyllium I get is the powdered Psyllium, and the Bentonite is in a large jar. You add the Psyllium to water, stir, then add in some Bentonite (About a tablespoon of each) and drink it down. Do this about 2-3 times a day, make sure you do it atleast 1 hour before or after eating, or this will basically scrub the nutrients that you ate.

The parasite cleanse are just bills I bought. I’m not really particular of my brand, but I’m just folllowing the instructions.

Also, I am taking NO SUPPLEMENTS it defeats the purpose of the fast. As well you don’t really need them anymore I found. I was on B5 before and now I am not.

Breaking The Fast

I haven’t actually done this yet, but I plan to juice for about a week, while continuing the Psyllium and Bentonite as well as the Parasite Cleanse (I plan to do the Parasite Cleanse for a long time, maybe indefinetly)

I will juice: Celery, Radishes, and Beets.

as this is a good liver detoxing formula and the main reason for this is for me to heal my liver.

Liver Flushes

Here is my ideal liver flush protocal, as requested. 🙂 It’s not the easiest, but it’s thorough and will help take care of digestive complaints etc.

Pre-flush and in-between flushes:

Bowels should be clean and strong, maintaining at least 1 BM a day.

Cleanse and support liver/gallbladder/kidneys with carrot/apple/beet/parsley juice, large glass 5 days a week while doing a series of liver flushes. Just hit the juice bar every day at lunch hour or after work. Add lecithin to the juice.

Take herbs for the liver: Planetary Formula’s Bupleurum Liver Cleanes OR Chinese Bitters and Coptis.

Eat a very simple, plain diet of mostly Kichadi, soups, salads. Reduce fat to just the good EFA fats, about 2-3 tablespoons a day max. NO dairy, butter, meats, etc.

Soften stones by taking Liquid Phosfood, 10 drops 3x a day for 3 days before flush date.

Actual flush:
Day of flush: eat only non-fat, easy to digest, small meals up to 6:00 pm.

11:00 pm, make up 2 doses of 1/2 cup olive oil and 3/4 cup grapefruit. Can add lemon or orange juice to the grapefruit.
Mix first drink and chug it down. Wipe out mouth with paper towels, gargle with baking soda if you use lemon. Watch tv or read. Use a castor oil pack or heating pad over abdomen if you like. Suck on hard peppermint candies to ease queasiness. 15 minutes later, take remaining dose. Try to sleep.

Upon rising in the morning, do a heavily salted SWF. Massage the abdominal area as it works its way through, crouch down as you do this. Void as needed. OR do an enema.

Drink peppermint tea all day and take digestive enzymes with meals.

Eat only very very simple foods, preferably kichadi or porridge, veggie soups, for a day or three, then treat yourself, then return to liver management diet.

Continue colon cleansing: Do an enema at least 3x over the next 5 days. TAke P&B shakes at least 2x day for 5 days. Follow all the guidelines in Increasing Digestive Power.

Do lymph management: 2 detox baths, dry brushing, trampoline.

Next week, do a MINI FLUSH. Just one dose of oil/grapefruit. Massage abdomen. Enema upon rising in the morning. Don’t expect to get out stones, this is for circulation, detoxing, sludge removal.

Week after that, do the regular flush.

Take a break, eat more fun foods, use more EFA oil, keep juicing and colon management.

repeat until symptoms subside and health goal is reached.

Take a 6 month break and repeat, at least 2 regular and 2 mini flushes. Take another 6 month break.

That’s it! Hope this isn’t totally confusing!!!

You can do the liver flush while on the Master Cleanse.

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28 thoughts on “How I’m Staying Clear (Master Cleanse + Liver Flush) [DIARY]

  1. Checkin:

    Just a reminder to do Salt Water Flushes as well on the fast.

    You can do it in the morning or night, up to you. But remember that this will clean out your entire system. So you want things digested before you do it got it? So about 2 hours after you eat, or just do it before you eat. This is why morning is better.

    If you’ve never done this before, pick out a day that you’ll be at home.

    What do you do?

    On an empty or near empty stomach. Drink, 1 TABLESPOON OF SEA SALT (It is VERY VERY important that it is sea salt) in 1 LITRE of WARM WATER

    Drink this all within an hour, or as quickly as you can.

    Rub your stomach in circles alternating direction.

    The salt water goes straight into your intestine.

    If you feel like you have gas, GO TO THE TOILET IMMEDIATELY!!! IT IS NOT GAS!!!

  2. Thanks for the info about the salt flushes. I’m going to look into them more and probably start them in a little while.

    KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK edenfield. This is a great post! 😀 😀 😀

  3. Day 7:

    Skipping the Bentonite and Psyllium Shakes because I’m doing a liver flush tommorow.

    Took 2 1200 mg Malic Acid pills ala (A great website, that details how to do the liver flush)

    Malic Acid helps break down stagnat bile. Malic acid occurs naturally in apple juice, normally you would do a 2 day apple juice fast, but since I am on the Master Cleanse, no apple juice for me. So I just take the extract.

    Tommorow I will take 2 1200 mg Malic Acid pills as well and do the flush.

    The flush I will do without Epsom salts, and will be 1/2 cup Olive Oil and 1/2 cup Lemon Juice (Freshly Squeezed) or about 3 lemons worth of juice.

    Then the day after the flush take a 1 day break from the Bentonite and Psyllium, then the day after that back on it again.

    Wish me luck…and stones!!

  4. I’ve been doing the SWF a lot over the last couple of months … works pretty well. Am sipping my SWF mixture as I type!! I did a liver flush last night (3rd one) and am waiting for results.

  5. Day 8

    – i’m doing one right now too maya! it’s great in the morning, it’s kinda chicken broth? i’m doing a liver flush tonight, just clearing out everything so it goes smooth. hopefully

  6. Maya have you tried the Master Cleanse?

    It’s daunting if you haven’t done it, but once you get on it. HUGE amounts of energy, I feel so ‘pure’. My skin is dare I say perfect? (KNOCK ON WOOD)

  7. Eden, can you tell me how much weight you lost during the MC. I work out and really cant afford to lose weight.

  8. probably about 5 pounds of water weight.

    it looked like i lost 10, but that was because i had just come out of the dry sauna. but i gained the 5 back after i drank some water.

    10 days won’t really do much i don’t think, 10 days is what the author of the book says is the minimum to really see benefits.

    i could stand to lose some facial fat, but if you workout, you might lose some lean muscle unfortunately. but you do gain alot of energy, and i’ve read on that people actually work out harder during the fast.

    the weight that you lose first is all water weight.

  9. Maya have you tried the Master Cleanse?

    Yeah …. but I only lasted 3 hours! :mrgreen

    Fasting is not for me – firstly, I have kids to cook for so it’s not easy!! And secondly, I don’t think it’s necessary to do anything too drastic and for too long … I want to be able to eat out now and again too.

    Anyway, even someone eating regularly can incorporate the Master Cleanse into their diet … just do it first thing and last thing .. every little bit still helps.

    Also, although I have maybe 5-7 lbs to loose, I don’t want to do it quickly and end up loosing muscle and also slow down my metabolism.

  10. I wrote this on the intestinal cleanisng thread… about SALT WATER FLUSHES

    Sorry Wally, I don’t agree with what edenfield said about being able to do it at night.

    If you have ONLY eaten fruit today, fine .. as it only takes fruit/juice 30 minutes to digest.

    If you had meat/fish … then it takes 4 hours to digest

    If you’ve had grains/starches like potatoes, it takes 3 hours to digest

    If you’ve mixed protein with starches/grains… then digestion takes 8-12 hours (sometimes longer)

    That’s why it’s best to the SWF first thing in the morning after having only eaten lightly the night before (eat early)

    If food hasn’t been digested properly, then you can get stomach aches, bloating etc from doing the SWF. You do not want the SWF to affect any undigested food in your stomach/intestines … it’s meant to break down some of the old stuff.

    Oh … and DON’T rub in both directions, rub clockwise (looking down at yourself) only … coz this is the direction your colon works … rub it the wrong way, you’re pushing the crap back in … not pleasant.

    From my experience, a P&B shake the night before helps too.

  11. thanks maya! woops :oops

    if your doing the master cleanse though it really shouldn’t matter, just don’t do it too close to when you drink the lemonade

  12. Glad I could help … Oh, I forgot to add that … sure, if you’re doing the Master Cleanse, like you are, the skies the limit! 😀

  13. well my skin WAS doing great…until i gave in and started eating everything in sight lol 🙁

    thankfully it hasn’t been too bad because i’ve started taking flaxseed oil and that helps with the inflammation it seems. i have the big bottle of oil, not the pills. since you don’t know when the pills go rancid. and flaxseed goes rancid pretty fast.

    so back on the master cleanse, parasite cleanse, and colon cleanse tommorow!

  14. Did my second flush a while ago during when my diet was kinda crappy

    i mean crappy by the sheer amount of food i ate, and the bad food combining, but i was still eating well. no chocolate, junk food etc stuff like that

    haven’t broken out yet, will do another liverflush starting with a 2 day fast tommorow

  15. day 4 of my second new cleanse
    in exams
    no thinky
    update later

    😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

  16. did my next liver flush yesterday

    got some MASSIVE ones out

    what i did differently was I didn’t mix the olive oil and lemon juice, i drank them seperately…went more easily for me

    i forgot to do the malic acid also, but i did take apple cider vinegar, about 2 tablespoons about a day. not as much as the pills but still some

    skin is looking great (knock on wood)

  17. another thing (knock on wood) sorry lol…

    but my face has thinned out! especially around my lower cheeks…i’m getting my dad’s like really nice bonestructure now! hurray 🙂

    food intolerances are lowered

    digesting is insanely fast and efficient

    no gas even when i combine the wrong foods, fruits and meats for example

    ketosis pilaris is starting to clear up (weird red bumps on the back of arms)

    eyes are more bright, hair is shinier (people commented), skin is softer

    not as angry or fedup, i’m not procrastinating as much, more patient

    i sleep better

    oh i did 2 liver flushes over 2 nights in a row, got better results for me as well as more stones

  18. Edenfield, jc, et al inspired me to cleanse my liver. Just finished my first liver flush today.

    Positives: I flushed about 50 stones! They were jelly-bean sized and green. Weird – I took out one of the bigger ones, sliced it open, and it was just solid green stuff. I thought they were supposed to be oil or something.
    Negatives: Boy, was I hungry. Also, being confined to my apartment for a day and a half (just about killed my weekend) was a downer. Otherwise, it was great!

    Next liver flush – two to three weeks from now.

  19. it’s not oil! those are gallstones from your gallbladder
    how is it possible for olive oil to harden like that? some people say it saponifies (forms soap) inside your body but that only happens with LYE and extremely high temperatures

    also if your wondering how you can have SOOooo many gallstones in your body your body has a huge network of bilary ducts where many stones can be stuck.

  20. To be honest with you, Edenfield, the consistency of the stones were very similar to that of soap or candle wax. Also, my stones were green all the way through – no change in color. Were they cholesterol or the olive oil I just consumed?

    I understand that saponification typically only occurs under extreme temperatures, but doesn’t the human body have enzymes that start reactions that otherwise couldn’t happen at the body’s temperature?

  21. yes but saponification also requires lye. something your body doesn’t produce naturally. there’s alot of speculation for and against this. you may want to read up on etc, but it’s producing results for me so I’ll just trust it unfortunately.

    Hopefully when I get the time I’ll post some more scientific information here

  22. it’s not olive oil, because people have done it with safflower oil a clear oil and they have still been green. also some people produce red or brown stones.

    it is cholestral since that is what gallstones are mostly made up of, but it’s nto from the oil as there isn’t that much cholestral in the dose of oil

  23. I’m not entirely convinced one way or the other, but I’m closer to the cholesterol side than the saponfied olive oil side.

    My next liver flush is in two weeks. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  24. i’m not sure to trust really but…EVEN if it’s not flushing the liver it’s still PRODUCING results so…i’ll keep doing it

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