Which concealers would everyone recommend?I’m looking for one that covers well,but blends in nicely,and that is oil-free so won’t aggravate the acne???Any ideas?

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2 thoughts on “Concealer

  1. Hey kelly

    As concealer, i use ‘hide the blemish’ by Rimmel, its about £2.69 from boots or superdrug etc. Its always got good reviews in magazines n stuff. Then i use neutragena foundation!

    lilnat :angel

  2. Be careful what concealer you use. Some have pore clogging ingredients. Always check your cosmetics aganst Sage Skin Care cosmetics list for pore-clogging ingredients. They test them for pore clogging ingredients and they test them on acne prone people!

    Anyway, they mentioned Clinique Advanced Concealer. This is by far the best concealer I’ve ever used. This stuff covers like you wouldn’t believe. I did have to buy both the light and the medium and mix the two to get the right color; but it does match my skin perfectly when I mix them. I really, really, really love this stuff! :tu :yup

    Other concealers tend to break me out, but not this.

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