I hate to keep asking food questions, but……

I seem to be getting conflicting reports on some. Im looking for a simple way to eliminate the “bad” things from my diet, and am willing to go to the point of just picking one food, and eating it for every meal, every day, if thats what it takes.

I had settled on Tomato Soup, but then I read that raw tomatos are considered off limits. Is tomato soup off limits too? If so, are there any soups that dont involve seafood, chicken or beans that I can eat?

Or does anyone have a suggestion of another safe, cheap, and quick-to-make food that I could use as my choice aside from fruit? Im looking for something that I can both eat at home and at work, and that will cost me only a few dollars per meal. (I have a very limited budget)

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4 thoughts on “I hate to keep asking food questions, but……

  1. Yeah you can make tomato and rice soup 😉 I don’t eat raw tomatos, unless it’s in a salsa, otherwise it’s always cooked for me. Trust me, even if tomatos are a problem for you, the fact that you’ve eliminated grains will greatly reduce your breakouts. Then you can see what else might be contributing.

    So, is this your plan then? No seafood (the iodine?), no chicken (because?) and no beans (because? lectins?)? What foods are you going to eat then?

    I’m happy to help you come up with stuff, but I’m not 100% certain what you want to do. 😉

  2. LOL, well the chicken, seafood and beans are eliminated because I cant bring myself to eat them due to hating how they taste :wink

    If tomato and rice soup are ok, then I think that I’ll start stocking up and vastly decrease everything else I intake other than water.

    Im weird in that Im able to stop – or start – doing a lot of things cold turkey, but I cant cut back and eat a little of something, or I lose all willpower and jump back into mass consumption 😕 We’ll see how my soup diet goes. If nothing else, it should help me lose weight too.

  3. Well in that case….no chicken & rice soup then? He he, I don’t like the chicken in it, but that’s a safe one. Also, you can eat Hormel Chili, with Turkey or Beef and without the Beans. You can also eat Hormel Beef Stew.

    Stock up on Fruits (dried and fresh) Vegetables, nuts (if u like them), and include dairy products if you like.

    For fast food, you can eat fries, tacos, nachos, salads, and soups that aren’t creamy (means there’s wheat flour in it) or have noodles. Asian food is usually at least 95% GF (it’s the soy sauce) so you might try eating some of that. Also, feel free to order BBQ ribs (beef or pork), steaks, or beef when eating out.

    For snacks you can eat applesauce, yogurt, rice cakes, popcorn, potato chips, granola bars (99% GF, unless you buy from a natural store), etc

    Anything else you’d like?

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