Lemon applied directly to the skin

This has been working well for me guys… Wally told me in an earlier post though that it can be irritating to some people and it may cause dryness.

I have always had sensitive skin and haven’t been able to use topicals for very long because the redness/peeling never went away but my face is responding well to the lemon.

I put the fresh lemon juice on my face for about 10 minutes and then I wash with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser.

After that I put apple cider vinegar on and leave it on under my makeup.

My skin is starting to look more healthy- less blotchy, red, and my red marks have calmed down a lot.

About a week ago I wasn’t sure if this was working because my face felt more blotchy and red than normal but I guess I broke through it because IMO I look a lot better and my scars are not as noticeable, especially when I wear makeup!

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5 thoughts on “Lemon applied directly to the skin

  1. That’s great stevi.

    Another Maya home special is to wash your face with warm water (or a quick steam to get pores open) then on dry skin, apply a thin (very sticky) layer of manuka honey as a mask for 30 minutes b4 washing off. VERY antibacterial and helps fade red marks too. Will leave your skin very soft. You can do this as often as you like, especially good on active acne and sensitive skins.

    You can buy manuka honey at Holland & Barrett and Sainsburys .. will cost you around £5 and lasts for ages.

  2. You can buy manuka honey at Holland & Barrett and Sainsburys .. will cost you around £5 and lasts for ages.


    Do you think that any ol’ Manuka honey will work? At my natural health food store, they sell some, what looks like, “made at home” honey in jars. What do you think about those? Merci!

  3. jc, as long as it’s certified as ‘active’ honey then it will have good live antibacterial properties. Some will tell you what level of ‘power’ it has, some will say 5+ and some will say 10+ … the higher the number, the better.

    This stuff can be taken in between meals (a teasppon to tablespoon at a time) to help digestion too.


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