Question for Ladies Using Tazorac or Retin-A….

I have a hypothetical question:

Say I come home in the evening and wash my face and use my Tazorac as normal.

Then I decide later that evening that I want to go out to dinner or something and need to put makeup on.

Should I wash my face, then apply my makeup? Or should I just apply makeup over the Tazorac?

Then when I get home, can I just wash as usual and apply the Tazorac again or should I wait to til the next night?

I’m just wondering…I’m always scared to put my Tazorac on early just in case I decide to leave out again, but then I wait too late and end up falling asleep w/o using my Tazorac.

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!
Thx in advance,

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One thought on “Question for Ladies Using Tazorac or Retin-A….

  1. coming from the topical queen of MI…..hahahaha I have used pretty much everything and this question of yours used to drive me crazy as well. I would wait until right before i went to bed to apply my topicals or medicated cleansers, and etc. Because with all well i should say most acne products cause a drying effect and if you used them to much it could cause excessive peelin. Which could make things hella worse. So, my advice love would be to wait until just before your ready to hit the sack, okay…

    Hope that helps.

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