What can I take to fight fatigue?

Lately I’m very fatigued throughout the day. What can I take that won’t aggravate my acne that will wake me up? I don’t want some pills that are harsh on my body, just something (pill, food, herb, anything) that will give me some energy and make me more alert while I’m fatigued. A cup of coffee would do the trick, but I try to avoid the dairy/sugar. Any ideas?

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  1. Start by taking a multivitamin, you may be deficient.

    As far as herbs go, try some ginseng.

  2. Hi there!

    Not sure where you’re from, as I’m from Australia, but I get very fatigued myself and was put onto a flavoured powder, which you put into water or milk called Sustagen. Contains a whole lot of Vitamins you may be lacking in and I’ve definitely noticed the improvement – energy wise and skin also.

    Maybe ask your local chemist if they have something similar.

    Good Luck!

  3. Take some excercise :wink

    Although it’s not a pill and requires a little effort it works lika charm

  4. Exercise helps me. You also might try going gluten-free, that seems to help some folks with fatigue.

  5. I wonder why, but, this weekend i started to drink clamato picante drink and it helped me get energy, I don’t even have to drink the whole bottle, I just drink a little bit, otherwise i would have to drink a whole bottle of gatorade.

  6. I just ordered something from drnatura.com, its an intestinal cleansing regimen that’s supposed to have a lot of health benefits, especially increased energy and better skin. I haven’t recieved it yet, so I can’t say whether it works or not – but there are some pretty convincing testimonials on the website. The product is expensive however, but as the website lists all the ingredients you could probably find them yourself at a health food store if you were motivated enough. Unfortunately I am a sucker for advertising and somewhat lazy, so i just bought the product. I believe the program cleanses the intestines and eradicates parasites which are responsible for a bunch of health problems like migraines, low energy, digestive issues and poor skin. Anyways, take a look at the site, the testimonials are very impressive. I’m curious to see if this is as good as people say it is and if anyone wants to try it despite the steep price i would be very interested to follow someone elses progress as well!

    btw, i’ve been reading these boards for a while but this is my first post. I’m currently battling mild yet persistent, yet cystic (does that make it severe?) acne in the form of about 1 big cyst per month that takes forever to go away. I’ve tried a lot of stuff (proactiv, sage skincare, oral and topical antibiotics, ortho-tri cyclen, yasmin, bp, niacinamide, dmae cream, and various supplements), so far ortho-tri cyclen was the most effective, but it made me gain weight. currently ACV is working well for my skin, but not perfectly! still searching for the answer, i’m about to start this colon cleansing thing and maybe try a liver flush or two. I also just ordered the blemish control topical from purple emu (yet another example of my slaveness to advertising) if anyone’s interested in how that goes.

  7. I was exactly the same until i came off antibiotics and ive had much more energy since i stopped them.

  8. Exercise REALLY helps! ! Although you might feel too tired to, it might be that you feel tired becoz of the lack of exerice! :angel Besides, exercise helps clear up the skin by flushing away the toxic!

  9. I agree with Jane. Exercise tires me out right after but within a couple of days I have more energy!

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