Moving up my b5 dosage.

I have been taking vitamin b5 for about 4 weeks now.I have been doing a 10g dosage taking 5 pills 4 times a day with a 3 hour break between each dosage.Within the first week of taking it the oil on my face had gone down alot.For the last few weeks though nothing has seemed to change as I am still getting acne like I used to(1-3 new pimples a day) and my face has not seemed to get less oily since the first week.Basically im just asking if I should move my dosage up to 15g or 20g a day.

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4 thoughts on “Moving up my b5 dosage.

  1. There are many people who do the 15g dosage though.In Dr.Leung’s study his patients were doing 20g a day.

  2. 20gram probably easily gives sideeffects and deficiency in other vitamins, amino acids and minerals.
    20gr of B5 also means a high dose of calcium. With 20gr, the diet probably easily reaches the Tolerable Upper Intake Level of calcium.

  3. So are you recommending that I just stay at 10g then? I think Im being a little impatient because of the good early results I had and the lack of results Ive had recently but I will stick with 10g since Im only on my 4th week anyway.Youre also probably right about a higher risk of side effects at 15g or 20g.I try not to eat foods with a high calcium content since I get most of it from the b5 anyway.

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