Woried, will this simple diet create any problemz :( 4me

i have heared so many things that am so confused about what is good to eat & what is not,i have been going gym 4the last 2months to lose some weight i put on coz i was really stressed out about this ance problem & havnt been out 4a while & just been eating to get rid of the stress :cry
now that am finally startin to lose weight & am happy but am really confused about what am eating so am gona write what i hav all day & any help will be great!!! so this is the followin!
i wake up 9.am everyday & have 2glasses of bottel water & then have “minocin 11am,as i was told a person is not suppose to have any dairy products 2to3hours befor or after minocin so after takin my medicine i straight go to gym which takes me 2,3hours & as i come back 2,30pm i haves a small bowl of cornflakes with skimed milk,a banana & two boiled eggs with no yolk & another 2bottels of water & then around 6pm i have loads of fresh salad lik cue cumber,sweetcorn& letus (sorry about the spelin)& another 2bottels of water & finally in the evening around 9pm i have 1grilled chicken breast with abit salad,2peices of white bread& another 2water botters & thats what i have all day!
is this ok because am losin weight with this diet which is good but am abit worried that will any of the things i eat all day will have a negative effect on my face & wat else can i include in my diet which might be good for me,especially 4my ance problem coz some times am still hungry :mrgreen

plz do reply & any information will be very satisfiyin because in few days when i get my pay i will be goin shoping to get all these things coz am really losin some weight which is really good coz i had 2things to worry about all the time my problem with my face & then the weight issue!!!
thanks for takin time out to read & replyin :tu

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One thought on “Woried, will this simple diet create any problemz :( 4me

  1. From what i’ve heard about foods that can cause problems,you may still be eating some.
    Off the top of my head,the cornflakes,milk,bananas and white bread could be causing breakouts.

    By the way,as you live in London,would you be interested in our meeting that we are planning?Take a peek at the Chatty Shack if you like 🙂

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