Acne Placebo

I’ve always wondered about this….What if researchers or scientists came up with a pill that supposedly helped acne a lot, they had proof (pics and testimonials) that it did in fact work, however they wouldn’t give up the ingredients because as it turned out it was nothing. It was all pyschological (the placebo effect) :lol

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4 thoughts on “Acne Placebo

  1. If that was the case im sure everyone would have clear skin. I think this way because many of us have tried taking pills containing vitamins minerals ect… and all of us do expect them to work. Now even though they may not, or don’t, then the placebo effect would have kicked in because our minds are confident the product would/will work. Just a thought!

  2. I was thinking the same thing ISpyU! However there are always some skeptics who could impede your thinking that it will work 100%. Even people on Accutane know there is a chance it will not work for them. I wonder if it is even possible to erase doubt in someone’s mind so maybe what I’m imagining is not even possible. The evidence supporting the “magic pill” would have to be overwhelming and question proof! :roll

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