My story is this: I had relatively moderate cystic acne when I was younger, when to a dermatologist and was perscribed mincoin and benzamycin… This did wonders, I was completely clear. I was only on antibiotics for about 4-5 months. I stayed clear for about 3 years until last year when I started breaking out. I think it was around the time when I started drinking heavily and regularly (ie. every weekend or something).

I went to another doctor and i was perscribed minocin again, benzamycin again but this vitamin A acid. It didnt do anything… And this time around, I also had acne on my back. I tried this for about 6-7 months and stopped taking any medication whatsoever. I tried esthecians and facials but in my experience, they just made my condition worse. Right now, my acne is horrible… Its worse than ever.

Ive been going to a naturopath, been taking suppliments (calcium, multi and probiotic) and using vinegar. Its improving slowly but Im very impatient and acne has taken over my life. I went back to a doctor and wanted to take tetracycline and benzamycin, the things that cleared me up last time.

Currently my regimen is vinegar as toner, benzamycin topical, tetracycline antibiotic, and calcium, mutlivitamin and probitoic. Ive improved.

My question is, I know about the side effects of antibiotics but they ARE effective… I dont get any big inflammed ones when Im on them, but I am concenred about the effects on my liver and internal system. I was wondering if a probitoic, liver cleanse, chinese bitters etc etc. whatever to make my liver/intestines stronger would help while Im on antibiotics… Im really confused if I should do topicals and natural remedies and just not take any oral antibiotics.

I am also drinking lemon water. Any help is apprechiated!!
Thank You!

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  1. hey missionaryman!! :wave

    I’ll first off tell u that I’m not much sure if the effect of probiotics and other liver cleansers ALONG with antibiotic will help or not…..but I can definitely tell u that antibiotic has a bad impact on ur inside system. its known that antibiotics kill the good bacterias in ur system along with the bad bacterias. So ya u’ll get cleared from them but it’ll come back when u get off of them. Eventually there’ll come a time when ur body will grow resistant to it and ur acne won’t respond to it. I’m sorry to say all this to you but this is the truth. It happened to me too. I was on and off on antibiotics 3 different times (about 4-5 months apart) for acne. I even took accutane in the middle. And when I took antibiotics for the 3rd time, it wasn’t working on my acne. THats when I had to take accutane. and when my persistent acne came back EVEN after that……and I finally decided to try a completely different approach to solve it…it was taking a loooooooooong time to fix my inside. I cleansed my system completely and put myself on a VERY strict diet for a WHILE. Companred to many others, mine worked veryyyyy slow…infact, I never got 100% clear..i got impatient and now I’m on B5. I’m telling u all this because if u’r just a started with anti’s…and u’r not sure about it…then i suggest to ppl about considering diet changes. It works missionaryman!! i’m not kidding u…so many of us here have tried it and were successful…now i’m assuming ur inside is not as messed up as mine…so u should try it’ll most probably work. but u’ll have to give it some time. Anyhowz, I’m getting side tracked…so yah! I hope this helps…. 🙂

  2. Hi there!

    I’ve tried every skincare product imagineable almost and the product range I’m using at present has made such a difference to my skin!

    I’d seriously suggest you give MD Formulations a go (website: The products contain AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which is from the sugar cane and actually exfoliates the dead skin cells on your face, so there’s no need for harsh scrubs/exfoliators as this does all the work and doesn’t irritate the skin. Dead skin cells are the main cause for pores being blocked in the first place, which then turn into blackheads/whiteheads/pimples and so forth. This is the answer! If this product range sounds appealing, I’d suggest visiting your local beautician and getting them to give you a skin analysis, so you know exactly which of the products would suit your skin type.

    Also, depending on how bad your skin is, I’d also suggest taking a Zinc Tablet once a day as well. If your acne condition is heaps bad, Seeking advice from a Dermatologist would be your best shot. I’m currently taking an Oral Antibiotics & Topical Antibiotics (applied to skin), plus taking the pill Yasmin.

    All this has improved my skin dramatically. I’m even amazed myself.

    I realise it sounds like a lot of work, but it will pay off in the long run!

    Good Luck!

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