How does this diet sound?

I really think that i’ve been overdoing it on the junk food lately :roll Maybe that is why i’m breaking out more?I normally lose it and have a blow out on the weekend but lately i’ve been eating what i really shouldn’t nearly everyday so i don’t think i’m getting away with it.Anyway,maybe,maybe not but all i can do is try it out,eh? 🙂

I really going to try to get myself in control of my diet now.For the next couple of weeks i will have a treat food at the weekend but when i say a treat food i mean,ONE treat food on a Saturday night and not snacking on biscuits all day,eating crisps and having copious amounts of toast as i normally do when i have a free for all on a Saturday! :wink

This will be what i’m going to eat for a couple of weeks and then maybe i’ll take it abit stricter and really get into diet and lifestyle as a treatment and really then decide if it clears my skin or not.

I’m aiming for a low carb diet and foods low on the glycemic index chart for the hormone reason.A dairy-free diet,wheat-free diet and processed sugar-free diet.A diet that is low in fruits because of the insulin level thing and the fruit i do have will be low on the GI chart.I’ll have lots of vegetables and lots of the essential fatty acids(EFA’s).

I’ll write it all out and if you could i would really appreciate feedback as to wether you think this is a good diet to clear my skin,if i’m doing anything wrong and basically what you think 😀

Here goes;

Everyday breakfast will be oats.I’ll make it with water so no milk,or soya milk.I may cut oats out in afew weeks and have vegetable juice,nuts or fruit instead.I’m dubious of oats because they do contain gluten which i didn’t know until recently and of course they are a carb food,although are low on the GI chart.

I’ll have an apple at the moment.
Then,half an hour later when the fruit is digested i’ll have some brazil nuts.

1.Cod Salad
(I’ll try to get over the worm incident :wink )
(Fresh Cod)

2.Salmon Salad
(Fresh Salmon)

3.Tuna Salad
(Tinned tuna in springwater)

4.Bean/Avocado Dip with Crudites
(Haricot and Black eyed beans mushed up with avocado,salt and pepper,cider vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil or,
beans mushed up with tomato salsa;
Crudites:-Carrot sticks,Celery,Orange pepper strips and Brocolli florets)

The salads with the fish will be made up of lettuce,cucumber,cress,avocado and carrot.
Salad dressing either cider vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil or,
Egg-Free Mayonnaise(ingredients;
Sunflower oil(54%),Water(33%),Cider Vinegar,Sea Salt,Pea Protein(1%),Apple Juice,Mustard Flour,Stabilisers-guar and xanthan gums,Lemon juice).

Nuts(brazil nuts or flaked almonds),
Vegetables(Raw carrot,Orange pepper strips,Celery,Steamed Broccoli),
Mashed avocado to dip the vegetables in sometimes,
Cup Of Green Tea everyday.

1.Rice Salad
(Brown Basmati Rice)

2.Pasta Salad
(Made from Rice Pasta;wheat-free)

3.Bean and Vegetable Soup
(Haricot and Black eyed beans,Carrots,Broccoli,Cauliflower,Cabbage,Celery,Tin of chopped tomatoes,salt,pepper,parsley(fresh),oregano,extra-virgin olive oil)

4.Lentil and Vegetable soup
(as above but with lentils instead of beans)

5.Bean Salad
(Beans as above with salad)

6.Brown Rice with tomato sauce and brocolli
(or Brown rice pasta instead of rice)

All salads made up of lettuce,cucumber,celery,brocolli.
Salad dressings as above on lunches.

Afew nuts if i want them.

All i drink other than the cup of green tea is water(Bottled mineral water and tap water which i’m aiming to only drink bottled water if it’s not too expensive).

My ONE treat a week will be maybe chocolate,ice-cream,a take-away etc…

Wow!That took ages to write :lol

So…What do you think guys? 😀

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14 thoughts on “How does this diet sound?

  1. Looks pretty good to me. Also, if you’re looking to control your outbreaks, then you should also look into the pH levels of the foods you’re eating too. The Alkaline/Acidity level in your body has much to do with many sicknesses and diseases.

    Hope you keep it up!

  2. It all depends on what foods may cause you to break-out, i am going to have an allergy test performed in a few weeks to determine my sudden acne problems( started 3 months ago)

    Anyways i am no expert but i would suggest you get some liquid chlorophyll from a health store and drink some of that as i read it balances pH levels, also you should eat heavier meals at lunchtime because if you eat heavy at night you won’t be able to digest it right, that’s what my naturopath told me anyways.

    Good luck

  3. Liquid Chlorophyll is good. Also, drinking water with a dash of lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar will help to balance pH too.

  4. Yeah,i’ve heard that before actually.So,should i switch it round really and have the carb meal at lunchtime and the protein meal at dinnertime?

  5. Oh,and does anybody think that eating like this i could get deficient in any vitamins or minerals?

  6. I’ve been meaning to respond you, kelly. Here are my comments.

    Clearly, you are bound to break out more if you overdo it like you have described. Happens to me too. It’s a cumulative process so don’t think that you’ll get away with it. It gets progressively worse.

    Aim to decrease the accumlated junk with bowel and liver cleanses, intestinal cleanses even. That way, the body runs more efficiently because your organs will work better when taking on a load and remove the burden on your largest eliminatory organ, the skin – the last resort in elimination of toxins.

    I see no problem in having a treat at the weekend, as long as you eat sensibly the rest of the time.

    Two weeks min. is good. Just try not to cheat! With the stage you’re at, anything that you should avoid, will come out through your skin.


    Having oats everyday is not a good thing. Fruit is better – they are cleansers which is perfect first thing in the morning to mid-morning or lunch.
    Oats with cow milk is a no-no. Oats with soy milk is perfect. Oats with water, even better! but blaaaaand. Oh, and no sugar with your oats. It won’t digest otherwise.

    MID-MORNING SNACK – Apple – great! and I love how you’re incorporating a rule of Food Combining there. You can eat the nuts but leave 3 hrs btwn eating them and eating lunch. Nuts are generally difficult to digest and won’t leave the stomach til after 3 hrs.

    LUNCHES – Sound delicious! One note – dressings may slow and complicate digestion. Best to eat without.

    DINNER – Sound excellent. Seeing that they’re STARCHY meals, swap Dinner meals with Lunch meals. Makes more sense to get energy in the day from complex-carb meals. Much less energy is needed in the night. Eat protein in the night for overnight healing and less weight-gain.
    Incorporate tomatoes in your salad with Protein meals but not starchy meals. If you like onions/spring onions, they’ll enhance any salad.

    BEFORE BED – Ideally, eat 3hrs before bed. Bedtime is when the body wants to rest, not busy digesting nuts. Green tea or 2 cups of water is ideal.


    If you incorporate EGGS and also more fruit at breakfast, you’ll enjoy a good range of vits and mins. If you want to make sure, take a supplement with NO iodine. Take it prior to the first mouthful of a main meal.

    Did you know – vits & mins don’t require digesting; they go straight into the bloodstream!

  7. Thanks so much for that thorough feedback,Camille,it’s greatly appreciated 🙂

    Just afew questions in return;
    The fruit;i’m trying to avoid too much fruit because of the sugar and insulin thing.Also,because of candida worries.That’s why i allow have one piece of fruit a day.
    I’m thinking about avoiding oats because of them containing gluten.Instead for breakfast i’m thinking about having vegetable juice.Maybe the V8 juice? 😕

    I’m avoiding eggs because when i eat them i get mucus forming at the back of my throat and i wonder if i have an intolerance to them 😕 I may incorporate them when i’m into the diet to see how it goes.

    I am thinking about along the way cutting certain things out one at a time,like say tomatoes for a couple of weeks and then adding them back,to see if i have problems with certain foods that i’ve read others have;i may do this with eggs,tomatoes,peppers,cider vinegar(candida),all grains etc.

    I’m dubious of tomatoes with what i’ve read.The citrus could break me out but i’m not sure if they do or not so i can only see through testing.

    I’m starting this very strictly in a couple of weeks.I’m going to have a three month period of being very strict with the diet and not eating anything at all that i shouldn’t,and as i mentioned trialing foods in the time also.I’ll also do other lifestyle changes that will hopefully help me clear my skin the natural way.It’s a big health kick i suppose.At the end of the three months i’ll be able to pass the judgement of wether diet and lifestyle,natural ways,clear my skin.I’m in the dark at the moment and guessing,so after three months i should know for sure.

    I feel better to do it for the summer because it seems easier;it feels right to live like this in summertime :wink

    About the multi-vitamin;some say that taking them all together isn’t as good as taking vitamins separetely and that some of the vitamins could actually break me out 😕 What do you think?

    Also,when you made your diet changes,how long did it take you for your skin to become completely clear?In fact is your skin COMPLETELY clear?

    Thanks again 😀

  8. Are you diabetic? do you have diabetes in your family? if not, you don’t need to worry about sugar in fruit. It’s a good kind of sugar. Healing, in fact. Start the day fresh with cleansing fruit. Make sure they combine.

    Oats contain gluten to a lesser degree than wheat. Try 1-3 times in a week OR introduce Oats 2-4 weeks into your diet. The longer, the better.

    Eggs are naturally mucus-forming but BOILING fixes this.

    Cutting and re-introducing foods is harder than it sounds, but good luck with that. Takes alot of discipline, which I hope you possess.

    Yes, oranges and limes don’t agree with me, but for others, they’re fine. You’ll only know when you test.
    I have read conflicting info about tomatoes. One source says that they can’t be mixed with protein and/or starch and another source says the opposite. I have to test that myself, but generally, I don’t seem to have a prob with toms, although sometimes, I feel I do.

    I don’t know what to think about the vits/mins question. I guess you have to research more on that and see if it’s actually correct.

    Three months is excellent. I cleared up wonderfully within this time period. Didn’t need to wear foundation even. That was a great experience. Since then, I’ve lapsed many times. It’s not easy you know! Living in this society where bad food is King and times when you’re out & about or working, there’s nothing but fast food outlets springing up everywhere. There are many more reasons but at least I know that eating right will work whenever I choose to do it.

    Hope that answers everything. Feel free to ask more.

  9. Yes, oranges and limes don’t agree with me, but for others, they’re fine. You’ll only know when you test.

    Hey Camille,

    What blood type are you? I’m looking more into the ‘blood type’ of people and how it affects us after we eat ( ). It says here that blood type ‘B’ is the only one oranges are neutral for. What do you think?

  10. No,i’m not diabetic and nobody in my family is as far as i know.Maybe i’ll add more fruit in as i go along and see how it goes.I’m going to be eating lots of veggies anyway.

    I know it’s going to be really difficult.I’ll find it most difficult stopping the pig out on a Saturday.I just have to think that for the moment it’s only for three months.It’s a treatment for my skin.After three months i’ll know if diet effects my skin for sure.There are afew ways it could go;
    My skin could get worse but i don’t think it should do that(hopefully not).Maybe at first my body will be detoxing and i’ll understand if that happens,but after a month a most i’m sure it shouldn’t be detoxing.
    I’m worried it may get worse if i’m not getting enough nutrition(vits and mins).What do you think?Will i be getting enough vits and mins eating the food i mentioned?Do you take a multi-vitamin?

    My skin could be the same as it is as usual after three months.That way i think i’d conclude that diet doesn’t effect my skin.Then i’d still eat healthily but definetely allow more of the foods that i’ll be avoiding.

    My skin could improve but not get completely clear.If this happens,i’ll stick to the diet after three months but maybe try other treatements too,like spiro and maybe a different BC pill.

    My skin could COMPLETELY clear.That way obviously i will stick to the diet 100% after the three months.

    So;it’ll be hard to stick to but at least i know that after three months if it hasn’t worked i can eat the foods i love again.
    If it does work,well,then i won’t want that food will i?I’ll be so happy with the clear skin that that will fuel my motivation to continue 😀

    I do lack motivation and willpower if i’m being abit wishy washy about things;but,if i really set my mind to something then i can find lots of willpower so i should be all right.I’m an all or nothing kind of person so if i say to myself that i will stick to this diet and lifestyle 100% for three months and not cheat once,then i can do it.If i falter and even just eat one biscuit i know i’d be off and that’d be it!
    It’s not a good thing,but i was anorexic afew years back and i think i had to have willpower to keep that up.I was definetely lacking nutirents then though from not eating enough,and my skin was terrible so i don’t want that to happen again.
    I was eating dairy,wheat and processed foods(low fat meals)then though,so that could have broke me out.

    I’d trying to research as much as i can,and ask questions before i start so that i’m well informed.
    Thanks for your help 🙂 I’m gonna need it!!! :wink

  11. What blood type are you? I’m looking more into the ‘blood type’ of people and how it affects us after we eat ( ). It says here that blood type ‘B’ is the only one oranges are neutral for. What do you think?

    Blood type ‘O’. I have looked at these charts before and I find that certain foods that I should avoid, I don’t generally have a problem with. Anything orangey is still a problem though. When I was younger, they never used to be. Oranges, tangerines etc burden the liver. Perhaps that was when my liver was cleaner and it could take on the load. I need to do a liver cleanse anyway!

  12. Kelly,

    I feel that if you stick to the diet you described, you’ll get sufficient vits/mins. I never took any supplements while on my diet, but it might be wise to take extra calcium to replace dairy.

    It’s all down to you now. I wish you success with whatever you choose to do and contact me if you need help on anything during the next 3 mths.

    I have a feeling you’ll be motivating me aswell as yourself. Good Luck 🙂

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