Fruit juice/Vegetable juice

I avoid fruit juice because of the glycemic index thing and how it raises blood sugar/insulin levels,messes with hormones and so causes breakouts…
Apparently they give orange juice to people with the type of diabetes where you need sugar to raise their insulin levels the quickest.

However;is vegetable juice all right?It won’t raise my insulin levels the same, right?Because juice is a good way to get all of the nutirents absorbed into the body,isn’t it? 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Fruit juice/Vegetable juice

  1. Hey Kelly

    I too was interested in vegetable juicing but really cannot be bothered to juice.

    I’ve bought the Garden of Life ‘Perfect Food, Super Green Formula’ – 5 capsules a day gives you the equivalent of 5-10 portions of veges a day. It’s meant to be the best brand ever (and I buy their probiotics too)

    The best link is:

    they also ship to the UK free if you buy around £80-£100 worth. So, it’s worth stocking up.

    I worked out that it’s cheaper to take this stuff than to juice myself, and it’s all organic too.

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