Ok if you have controlled your acne or cured it come in

Alright, i am really tired of this damned acne, if you have cured ot have yours under control let me know exactly what you are doing and how long it took.

Currently i am on a strict diet by my naturopath but as i have read you are supposed to see changes in a matter of days and i am still breaking out tough, i suffered from constipation for a good while and my acne started about 2 months ago for no apparent reason.

I am also taking some pills he reccomended.

I just wnat to get an idea as to what is the problem, i was told by him that it’s the body overwhelmed with toxins but how long will this take? Are you suppose to break out in the beginning?

I also asked him about other acne sufferers and had he helped them and he said he has worked with hundreds of acne cases and they have all improved(must be why they were 40 people when i went to visit him)

I am currently detoxing with: morning drink of cabbage juice, AKN skincare pills, Antioxidant formula,chlorophyll, garden veggies(caps) and BHI skin care homeopathic pills, i really don’t know if that is enough but her he is the doctor, i go see him again in about 2 weeks, it’s been 2 weeks since i started treatment and i really can’t say i’ve seen much of a change.

I have not been regularly walking 30min wich he reccomended or going to the beach early in the morning(8:00 am) but i don’t think this has much to do with acne cause he is treating my acne and nervousnes.

Still just want to gather info, thanks.


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20 thoughts on “Ok if you have controlled your acne or cured it come in

  1. Interesting. I would stick with the program till at least your next appointment. Being patient can be really hard but then your acne didn’t develop overnight either, it had been building up for a time. With most internal treatments you will break out because your body is getting rid of the toxins, like you said. I’m curious-did you ask him or did he mention anything about flushes, ie liver or colon? Keep with it 😀

  2. no he didn’t mention anything about flushing, i might as well keep with the program since it’s better this way than buying things that may not work for me, only thing i have noticed is my oil production is down but i’m still breaking out, i’ve been having bowel movements like 1-2 times a day but fairly small(sorry for graphic) and i don’t know if i need something stronger for constipation or what, well let’s hope this works.

    Still i’d like to hear what has worked for some people.

  3. The idea is to CLEANSE while EATING HEALTHY – eat fruit for breakfast.

    RE-BUILD with veg any other time.

    I reserved 2-3 days in the week (non-consecutive) to eat JUST fruit, veg or fruit/veg. Drunk 2 litres of fresh lemonwater in place of plain water. I think I did this for a good few months. I saw great improvements after 2 weeks, a week even.

    I cut out WHITE REFINED SUGAR, ANY WHEAT, DAIRY during those weeks. They are mucus-forming inflammatory foods.
    Ideally, they should be eliminated for good, for the sake of your health AND skin.

    Don’t be hard on yourself if you lapse. I know how difficult it is. I’ve lapsed enough times, but the beauty of this simple system is – you’ll know it’ll work every time, whenever you choose to do it.

    Complete control and responsibility or lack of them will determine your outcome. You will naturally learn to own your acne, not it owning you.

  4. Well I sort of have mild acne compared to some people.. but routine is basically.. not picking my acne at all times, I carry 2 bottles of water to school each day, mostly 1 bottle but its still good. Um.. I havent eat fried foods lately or any chocolate. My parents believe chocolate causes alot od acne. I eat fruits after dinner each day, oranges and apples.

    Basically I would say get atleast 8 hrs of sleep or more, and drink lots of water. Those are mainly the things I would reccomend in any routine.

    Oh yea, BP.. I dunno it doesnt work well for my skin, so I stay off of that, but works differently for each person. Try Neutrogen Oil Free Acne Wash.

  5. Amnesiac,

    Have you tried benzamycin topical? I started about 10 weeks ago and it has made a dramatic improvement. It has moved acne way down on my “list of worries”.

  6. well my oil production is way down, i was sleepy during the first weeks but now i am suffering from imsomnia again, my right side of my face has been clearing up but i am breaking out on the left side, what’s up with that?

  7. Hey Amnesiac.

    I dare say I have my acne under control at last (knock on wood).
    This is what I do:

    1) apply bp twice a day
    2) use the lemon and Vinegar method
    3) I take zinc, c-vitamin and fish oil in addition to my vitamin pill
    4) I maintain a healthy lifestyle (exercise, enough sleep, relaxing techniques etc).

    So something seems to be working.

    Best of luck – WCDT

  8. It took six months of bowel cleansing and 9 liver flushes, but my acne is completely gone, and I can eat whatever I want with no breakouts. My pores and scars look better than ever. I even wore my hair pulled back at the sides for the first time in several years with no hangups of self-consciousness. 😀

    Amnesiac……remember how insomnia is related to liver dysfunction? :wink

  9. I’m following Denise and jc on this. :wave

    Liver flushes and colon cleansing (with good food) is the way to go!!

  10. Liver flushes and colon cleansing (with good food) is the way to go!!

    I second that! :tu

  11. [quote]

    Liver flushes and colon cleansing (with good food) is the way to go!!

    I second that! :tu[/quote]
    definitely! i’m going for it too.

  12. Well here is what i’m doing:
    I eat 3 times a day
    I only eat Turkey: Hotdogs,slices/ Bread: from healthshop/Fruit: Papaya,apple,grapes,mango/Pasta: organic, wrap: spinach/meat:not beef, milk: soy milk/rice milk/cereal:corn flakes

    I drink lots of water and a cup of cabbage juice in the AM

    I take pills:
    With food:
    AKN Skincare 2 pills 3 times a day http://www.nananature.com/akn.html , Natures way Antioxidant formulahttp://www.vitaminsandsupplements.net/Store/Products/ProductDescription.cfm?SKUNumber=033674451403, garden veggies pills and some chlorophyll in water

    Could any of the above be making me break-out? I didn’t have acne before 3 months ago and now i can’t stop getting it, should i check to wich foods i am allergic??

  13. 3) I take zinc, c-vitamin and fish oil in addition to my vitamin pill

    How much of each? and how? daily, with meals etc

    I am currently taking zinc and C on the before mentioned pills but i am not taking a multivitamin, i’ll start taking one every 2 days because i would be taking too much Vit A i think.

    Also i found some fish liver oil pills and i’ll start taking 2 of those with meals to see if they help.


  14. Hey, a lot of you more “informed” people on this site reccomend liver flushes and colon cleansing.

    Could you link me to the sites that you got your info from? There are a lot of different ones out there, and I would like if any of you, (perhaps denise) could link me to the sites that worked well for them. I would like to colon cleanse and liver flush soon. Do I have to do anything special before liver flush, etc. Please give me any tips that you have based on ur experience…etc. Please I really need to find a way to keep the acne away.


    what age are you denise? do you think it would work on a 17-18 years old? How many times should I cleanse/flush, etc. Any Help is appreciated.

  15. Good lord, another one of these people. Yes, my acne is gone. Now I want a way to keep it gone without having to spend a shitload on topicals and vitamins every month. If this liver cleanse and flushing allows me to be clear WITHOUT the constant buying of expensive topicals and vitamins, and it actually allows me to lead a normal life not filled with a constant routine, then thatd be great.

    Its not about clearing my acne, its about keeping it away for good without the lifetime supply of topicals/vitamins.

  16. hey XGamerX,
    Right now I’m where you wanna be! I finished 3 liver cleanses this past month, and for the past 8 days, I’ve been without any commercial topicals! My skin is at its best ever. (I’ve had bad skin for about 9 years before this, and now I’m only using vinegar and a moisturizer) If you need help, Denise is definitely the one to talk to.

    If you want a springboard to livercleansing, then check out these to important sites:


    Good luck!

  17. JC , You had three liver flushes in a month??? Damn, Julia Chang told me that it would be better to wait a couple of months after each flush. Even though on curezone a lot of people say that it’s OK to have as many flushes as you please. I guess you found a good flushing method. Good luck with your flushings and by the way, how many flushes are you planning to do?? On that pace you are going to beat the record!! 😀

  18. Yeah, I did one every two weeks, so 3 exactly spans a month. Curezone says that once every two weeks is ok. Remember that there is no steadfast rule on many things and SO many variables to take into account: Age, current diet, digestive eliminations, state of physical health. If you read on Julia’s site, many of the testimonies are by people who are 50+. :wink

    LOL…what record?? I hear of some people getting out 1000’s of stones in a single flush. Pshaw! I dont’ believe that. In any case, I’m gonna keep doing it until I have no more stones!!!!!!!! I didn’t get any stones in my 2nd flush, so it just goes to show that this isn’t just the olive oil concoction being spit back out.

    Peace out!

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