Myth or Truth?

Does diet affect your acne? Its a common question, but this is my experience.

If you stop eating all processed, greasy foods, aswell as cut down on the dairy and meats, you will see a difference. Why? Its not about what you do eat, its about what you dont eat. So because of this cutback, you are left with healthy foods, fruits, and veggies. Ill sum the story up. I started eating processed foods, dairys, and lots of meat again. Nothing greasy though. My results are the SAME. I havent noticed anything different, initially I got a few because my body wasnt used to it, but now I eat all the healthy stuff, fruits, and veggies, ASWELL as any munchies I want or a glass of milk.

What im trying to say is, I think as long as you eat your proper fruits, veggies, and healthy foods, you can still eat SOME junk. Usually, if you eat lots of dairy, meat, and junk, your just not hungry enough to eat all the healthy stuff aswell. I think its about giving your body the nutrients and foods it needs, not about not giving it food it doesnt need. Eat all your healthy stuff, and if theirs room, from MY EXPERIENCE, eating some chips or a slice of cake wont kill you.

Share your experiences with Diets!

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5 thoughts on “Myth or Truth?

  1. ooh, I will! :angel I’m very much in agreement with all that you said because I recently went through the same phase. The hazard is when it becomes all too easy to snack on junk. This is because junk and the like lowers your energy and lifeforce so that you can’t be arsed when it comes to preparing healthy meals. You crave the crap because you’ve over-acidized your system til acid foods are the only foods your body yearns for. So don’t fall into the trap and stay there for too long – you’ll know when you’re over-doing it when an unwelcome breakout crops up!

  2. What about wheat products?

    I stopped eating wheat products and I think my face looks better. Maybe its a psychological thing that makes me believe that it looks better because I stopped the wheat but, at least I haven’t got too many zits this weeks.

    The thing is that when I used to eat wheat, i used to be regular (ya know, potty).
    The eat products I eat are always whole wheat, low in sugar and I love rye bread but I heard that it itsnt good for the skin :crazyeyes

    Maybe I’m gonna start to at least include some wheat in my breakfast because I really need the fiber to keep thing running

  3. My results are similar as well. I never managed to cut out everything bad (I do love sugar), but eating salads twice a day made a huge difference – more I think than cutting back on stuff I shouldn’t eat.

    wheat is one of the things I’ve done a better job of being rid of though. If I eat a slice of bread, I’m asleep in a matter of minutes and won’t wake up for several hours. My mom is the same way. We really don’t have a tolerance for it.

  4. 😮 I’ve never heard of bread putting someone to sleep! that’s a new one. Good heavens, how do you get through school lunched without eating sandwiches??

    My neighbour has a similar reaction with coffee–I drunk half a cup, and you have to pry me from the ceiling. He drank a cup I made one time that was so strong the spoon was dissolving, and within ten minutes his chin was tucked into his chest, and he was happily dozing.


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