How do you treat blackheads and large pores?

I have HUGE pores and nasty blackheads all over my nose and off the sides. What can I do to treat and get rid of them? I don’t have any acne in these areas, except when I try to wash or treat my blackheads. Then they get disturbed and I break out. I rarely wash my nose, as it makes me breakout, but I do wipe it with a wet wash cloth. I don’t know what to do. My pores are huge, filled with blackheads. The only way I can get rid of the blackheads is by squeezing them out, but with a day or two, they’re back. What can I do????????


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6 thoughts on “How do you treat blackheads and large pores?

  1. I have the exact same problem, though my pores have decreased in size but my nose is nothing but blackheads. I break out less now in actual spots HOWEVER my skin is chalk full of clogged pores and uneveness that is looks really bad. I’m doing the liver thing but its still to early to see results. 😐

  2. very low dosage tretinoin cream (generic retin-A) is helping me… since it helps to increase cell-turnover rate. The skin I have that hasn’t been touched by acne is looking better each day because it’s becoming less rough and the pores are getting smaller.

  3. Stevi how long have you been using it? Retin A is supposed to be good for large pores and blackheads, I know Solomio used it for her large pores and really liked it though I think she said she used it for 6 months. I’ve used Retin A off and on and it improves the blackheads somewhat and then it stopped, but I’ve heard most people are very happy with the results.

  4. Accutane has done the job for my blackheads and ive only been on it 2 months. 😀

  5. I have been using it for about a month. It has only recently started to work… but keep in mind that I am also making some major diet changes. I think the combination of the two is helping. At first it was making my skin look worse. I used it when I was 17 and I got clear off of it and antibiotics, but now I’m just using it and not the antibiotics to control the breakouts. I can’t use anything higher than .025% because my face stays permanently red and flaky while on it, but I like the low dosage. I have already seen improvement on the pores in my cheeks. You just have to give it time. When I used it and got clear a few years ago I was on it for 3 months before I really started to see major improvement. I wish I would have continued taking it but I thought I could keep the acne under control all by myself. Didn’t happen.

  6. I think the longest I used it was 3-4 months, then I used it a couple of shorter times, like 1-2 months and 2-3 months. In addition it tore up my skin really bad. :cry

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