Liver/Colon/Intestinal Articles and Websites

A lot of people seem to be interested in cleansing the liver and digestive system these days so why not have a post that deals strictly with articles and informative sites? Here are a couple I’ve found:

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7 thoughts on “Liver/Colon/Intestinal Articles and Websites

  1. thanks a lot, thats really helpful

    all these sites are so packed full of information, i have trouble understanding half the things written lol

    can u help me with a little prob:

    whats the best thing to cleanse to help with acne?
    on curezone it says to do this for acne:

    1. Bowel cleanse with parasite cleanse
    2. Dental cleanup (if you can afford it)
    3. Kidney Cleanse and
    4. Liver cleanse.

    what are the best methods for all those, not including the dental cleanse, cos that seems like too much hassle to me lol

  2. Besides the Curezone pics and whatnot, if any of you guys come across anyone who is a true skeptic, or someone in the medical profession, be sure to tell them that you have “proof” that the stones passed during a flush are true gall/liverstones.

    Remember that gallstones are usually the “calcified” or hardened ones, these are the stones that are the only ones caught on ULTRASOUND. The green and tan ones are the ones that are composed of bile and cholesterol.

    Here is a great link showing passed stones from a 61 year old man who had his stones analyzed by a lab. I don’t believe that all of them are calcified stones, because most of them aren’t whitish, but obviously many of them are, as noted on the lab report.

    Don’t be deterred from this path, if it’s one you have chosen. You may have some breakouts while you are detoxing, you may not see huge changes until after a few flushes are completed. But getting all this crud out of your system and eating a healthy, balanced, diet is the best way to cure your acne forever without resorting to spending buckoo bucks on supplements, Accutane, etc….

    I have seen the biggest changes after my 7th and 8th flushes. So don’t be deterred, and be sure to cleanse your bowel after a liverflush.

    I recommend that you start out taking the Coptis and Bitters first, and stay on those for a few months.

    You can be taking some extra psyllium at the same time, just follow the direction you get with the herbs.

    Don’t worry so much about doing a parasite or kidney cleanse at present. Take it one step at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Read and educate yourself and post questions at Curezone on the various boards they have. They have some awesome people there who are so helpful and informed.

    Godspeed everyone! 😀

  3. on curezone they recommend the method told by Dr. Hulda’s book, The Cure for all Diseases

    the cleanses he recommends do not say anything about chinese bitters or anything… would u recommend doing this method over the chinese bitters one?

    which one is best ?

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