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I’m always looking for organic skin care and cosmetics, because I’m into wholistic health and organic food and such. Anyway, I found a website for a company called “One Group” ( http://www.onegrp.com ) in Australia that carries a line of organic products. They have the ingredients of all the products listed at the site, and they look very good. A lady from their company wrote me and told me that the products cleared up her acne that she got while she was pregnant, and that they were gentle to the skin.

I’m committed to using Eminence Organics right now, because I invested in a lot of their products and because my skin has been staying clear as long as I use them consistently. They do contain some chemicals like propylene glycol, though, although the chemicals are in small quantities, but I may look into switching to the One Group products along the line somewhere because they look to be chemical-free. Anyway, I thought some of you might be interested in the website.

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  1. The problem I have with most of this organic products is that they contain plant oils and extracts which are natural but they are at the same time irritant and thats what I dont like. :scratch

  2. I’ve stopped using the Eminence products because after using them for about 6 weeks or more my face started breaking out a lot. I don’t know for sure if they’re the cause, but I’m afraid to continue using them now. I spent a lot of money on them too, so I’m really disappointed.

    The lady at One Group sent me samples of the MiEssence products ( http://www.onegrp.com/?aowellness ). She sent me samples of the Purifying cleanser, conditioner, moisturizer and mask; the Soothing Mask, the Rejuvenating Serum, and some color samples of the foundation and concealor. I like the Purifying cleanser, conditioner and moisturizer. The cleanser is not at all drying, and the moisturizer is very light and lets my skin breathe. The Purifying Mask, however, was itching and stinging a lot when it was drying, to the point of where I almost washed it off after a couple of minutes, but I stuck it out for the full 15 minutes. My skin got pretty ruddy afterwards though and stayed that way for hours. I want my skin to clear up, but I don’t know if I can stand to use that mask. I used the Soothing Mask today, although I accidentally put too much water in it, so I could only manage to get a thin layer of it on my face. It didn’t sting or itch like the other one. I’ve been using the Rejuvenating Serum on my neck, under my eyes and around my mouth. I’m afraid to use it all over my face because it contains some oils that I’m afraid might break me out. I like the make-ups. (I’ll write more about the make-ups on the make-up board.) The pimples did seem to shrink down after a day or two of using the products. I may go ahead and try the products in a couple of weeks or so (don’t have the money right now).

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