Liver cleansing the ultimate acne fighter?

I’ve been readiong on cleaning the liver and removing the stones and parasites so that the body can function properly, personally i don’t frequent the bathroom much so i think theres something wrong in that area. I am planning to do a liver cleanse but the instructions and items needed are too many and too complex, i plan to do this at a doctor depending on how it cost.

Has anyone done this with good results?

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29 thoughts on “Liver cleansing the ultimate acne fighter?

  1. Yes, I believe liver cleanse will be great to heal your acne. I havent done this yet but I plan to do after parasite cleanse. I know there are ZILLION receipts of liver cleanse.

    I heard that using salt isnt good for your healthy. The liver cleanse I plan do is this method from .

    Bad skin condition = bad liver condition.

  2. I m gonna do Liver flush tomorrow. I hope this will at least improve my skin condition. 🙂

  3. can u do liver flush whilst on accutane or will this just not make the accutane work? 😕

  4. Good Question. I dont know about this. Hmm. But from what I have heard, accutune hard on your liver seriously. It could be premantly damaged. Just be cautious.

  5. Good Luck! I just did a semi cleanse not too long and it was interesting. I was planning on starting a thread dedicated to people who want to help their liver with cleanses and CB/Coptis but I haven’t had time to yet.

  6. Yeah, I think its good idea to have a thread that is based on liver cleanse or internal cleanse.

  7. There is a very interesting thread at in “General Chat”. The thread is called “Acne vs. Diet” , and it really has great information(liver,pancreas,colon flushes,etc.). It’s very informative.. :crazyeyes

  8. I have heard a lot of talk on this matter but i have still not heard anyone
    with results to show. It sounds far to harsh to me and i would feel that
    anyone doing these flushes/cleansing should really check with a doctor
    first before messing around with something you might think your doing
    right. In saying that i do believe there could be a connection between
    the liver and acne, it makes sense.

  9. I’ve cleared up greatly from doing liver/colon cleanses. There is a “cure” for acne and this is it.

    Be sure to also go to:

    Very informative site.

    Please understand that this isn’t ONE liver flush. This is flushing ALL THE STONES out. I’ve removed 1,000 so far and I have no idea how many more I have to go, and I’ve been flushing since the very beginning of last October, every 2-3 weeks (mostly every 2).

    It’s also equally important to clease the bowel. Both of these should be cleansed if you want to “cure” your acne.

  10. Yeah, I’m thinking of taking chinese bitters and coptis from sensible health but i wonder if they come with instructions to know how they should be taken and how to do the flush. Do you get an initial breakout and how long until see results???

  11. I wouldn’t do a liver flush on roaccutane.I’m interested in the flushes but i won’t do them until i’ve been off roaccutane for a while.

  12. Ya know, I think about this a lot and have yet to do it. I guess that stems from the fact I had acne when I was 12-13. Im now in my 40’s. Could my internal system have been messed up since way back then?? Well maybe not but I believe it is now, so I think both the bowel and liver cleanses should be done by just about anyone.

    I will start with the herbs. I went and purchased a good enema kit too. hehe…kinda necessary to clean out the <expletive>. It may be awhile before I get to the liver cleanse … but at least I have a plan, thanks to the good info I’ve been reading.


  13. ZAP

    When you order there is a little piece of paper that tells you when to take them.

    I think this liver/colon/intestine cleanse makes a lot of sense. I haven’t been eating too well lately, my grandma is very sick and I’ve had business competitions, so my eating hasn’t been the best and my skin looks clogged up. So I went and bought some psyllium husk to help with the digestive system.

  14. I done a liver/digestive system flush quite a while back. It improved things marginally, but never the less there were improvements.

    I think it all depends on what is the root cause of your acne. I think mine is primarily hormonal so the flushing out didnt really help much. I believe that if your over 25, you can safely say your past the hormone stage. This means that your acne would most likely be caused by something else, a build up of toxins for example.

  15. Martin, you should flush until there are no more stones, and continue to eat healthy. The “hormonal” acne is all attributed to a congested liver. I know I sound like a broken record, but this is the truth.

    Please remember everyone that the liver is the organ that regulates all hormonal activity.

    Hormones don’t just “act up” because they just “act up”. The liver’s job is to regulate all hormones and also, fiber in the diet pulls excess estrogen, progesterone, etc…out through the bowel.

    If the liver is too congested, it can no longer do it’s job and the hormones continue to get recirculated into the blood stream, where they cause all kinds of problems (the problems ofcourse vary from person to person). The liver, when functioning properly, will pull excessive hormones out of the bloodstream while it’s cleansing the blood at night. When it’s burdened with toxins, it cannot do that.

  16. Hey Denise you seem to know about this stuff, i have not been having bowel movements frequently, i feel as if my liver and such is the cause for my acne breakout

    I plan to go to a doctor to check for parasites, liver condition, metabolism etc. I plan to have my liver/colon/parasites cleaned in his office, if he won’t perform this i already have the cofee enema and items needed for the liver flush.

    What diet should i follow afterwards? Supplements & vitamins to take?

    I usually eat chicken, meat, rice, red beans, plantain, some pasta and lots of water.

    I am taking Vit. C and B5 and a regular multivitamin.

    What should i really take?enzymes? etc. Please help if you can.
    Also will liver cleanses get rid of some cysts i have?

  17. amnesiac: A doctor really cannot do a cleanse for you. The best thing to do is to go to and educate yourself.

    You probably oughta go to sensibleheath FIRST and look at her products (Coptis and Chinese Bitters really works at keeping me clear while I’m cleansing my bowel and flushing my liver).

    Having taken EVERYTHING on the market, and doing every peel and using every topical and doing many detoxes, cleanses, etc….these two herbs help me most at staying clear.

    Nevertheless, the best thing to do is to go and read at Curezone. Read the LIVERFLUSH FAQS and and BOWEL CLEANSE FAQS.

    Also, go to the forums for these two topics and read and educate yourself.

    Really, this is the best thing to do. Take charge of your health. Doctors don’t understand the connection between acne and liver/bowel health.

    Your diet sounds fine…but be sure to go and read and read….as long as it takes for you to feel confident at appropriating what you read into your life. That, in all honesty, is the best advice I can give you. 😀

    Please direct any questions on the forums at CUREZONE. They have forums for all these issues with very knowledgable people helping you.

  18. oh, i tought a doctor could see if my liver was not healthy and perform a cleanse for me, damn let’s see what he says on thursday.

    Also Denise i’ve been reading on curezone, i know it’s like a broken record sort of, but Coptis and Chinese Bitters are not required for the cleanse right?, i mean i am interested in getting them but i’m not sure my liver is the cause, most likely it is since i have not been going to the bathroom too much and a friend of mine(studying medicine) said that my body is probably full of toxins.

    As of now i plan to perform the epsom salt/olive oil flush and follow that(next day) with a coffee enema.

    Thing is as i understand the full proper way to do this is take Coptis and Chinese Bitters, also colosan(right) then do the flush and the enema.

    I want to give this a try Coptis and Chinese Bitters seem to be working good for acne, this is the only place that sells it right?

    Thanks again, i’ll see what my doctor thinks i should do, i need to get my metabolism/bowel movements up to pace.

    Alsoooo really important question for me, did you have any irregular bowel problems while you had acne??

  19. There isn’t anything your doctor can do to cleanse any organ in your body. Matter of fact, your doctor will try to steer you to prescription drugs (unless you are going to a naturopath) if they find something wrong.

    Sensiblehealth is the place that sells CB and Coptis, yes.

    I had to take some kind of fiber every single day in order to have regular bowel movements, yes. My digestion and bowel movements are much more regular now, though I still take fiber. I am getting colonics done starting this week, so I’m sure that that will improve.

    I really hope that any of you guys are careful with regard to doing flushes before TRULY preparing your liver with herbs. It’s better to have these herbs on hand in case of a stuck stone. That is very rare, Julia Chang told me it happened to her once in ten years, but it can happen. IMHO, it’s best to have GCG, Coptis, and Curcuma on hand in case of stuck stone.

  20. what are other things to use to prepare? other than the chinesse bitters , coptis?

  21. denise i have a question, i won’t be attempting the liver flush since i don’t have the herbs and all, but also because i have not been having regular/daily bowel movement. How should i go about this??

    As for now the get list:
    Chinnese bitter

    Whatelse?(not the oil and epsom salt etc.)

  22. amnesiac

    Cascara Sagrada and Psyllium Husk are two herbs that can help with bowel movements.

  23. Amnesiac, I cannot think of anything else to prepare your liver for flushing.

    I don’t do the epsom salts, I do a modified version of what Julia Chang recommends on her site, except I don’t eat all the apples that she says to eat. There are many different flushes out there. I used epsom salts the first 5 flushes, and don’t use epsom salts at all, but instead I use magnesium citrate. It’s much better for me.

    The best preparation is to read read read (Curezone, sensiblehealth).

    I learned so much from reading for hours and hours before I ever did a flush.

  24. ok i plan to save the money i was going to use on a $200 blue light treatment and go for this.

    A few question tough to see if anyone can help, i was told not to do the flush i am not having regular bowel movements, wally reccomended :Cascara Sagrada and Psyllium Husk, do i take these for a while before going to the chinese bitters and coptis?, will these regulate my bowel movements? what will??

    Also how long do the chinese bitters and coptis last?


    I’m also preparing to do this. I’m like you, I really want to do this but i don’t know how to start. I’ve been reading a lot and i think i have an idea of how this should be done. Want to do this together?

    So far, I have ordered the CB,coptis,GCG, curcuma 4 pack from I’m also going to order Colosan for intestinal and colon cleansing to use it before I start with the liver cleansing and to use it after the liver flush. I’m also looking for a good parasite cleanser but i haven’t found one yet.

    If you really want to do this together, please PM me, so we can get in contact.

    Take care , bye.

  26. yeah i plan to go trough with this, i am on a budget tough, i am curious do you need both chinese bitters and gold coin grass??

    Also in regards to regulating bowel movement will coptis work for that??

    ZAP- i’ll PM you as soon as i get everything clear before buying things i may not use, i plan to go trough with this so count me in.

    Denise or anyone else who knows about this:
    What do i need from this list and why?(remember i don’t have regular bowel movements so i really can’t flush now), plus i am a male.
    -chinese bitters
    Do i need these for every flush???

    Good or bad plan?:
    I plan to do the herbs, flush then enema day after, start taking digestive enzymes and keep using chinese bitters coptis when i can afford it, flushes then every 2 weeks.

  27. ZAP, about parasite cleanser, I have learned a good parasite cleanse protocol from raw food diet message board. They use angstrom sized minerals, Zinc, Copper, and Silver.

    Copper is good for killing parasites. Zinc is good at ridding bacteria and fungus, and Silver destroys all viruses known to man.

    To understand what angstrom sized mineral is. Here is the information that I copy and paste from long pages of information. If you want to read all of them in detail like about each mineral, let me know. Then I can send you email.

    “The first topic I would like to address is particle size and the absorption of mineral supplements on the market. The human body is made up of minerals. All minerals used by the body are an angstrom in size. Let me repeat that. The human body is made up of minerals. All minerals used by the body are an angstrom in size. These angstrom-sized particles are soluble when put into water, grow crystals when dehydrated, and can absorb in the upper stomach. It takes one million angstroms on a horizontal plane to cross the distance of one micron. We tested all the mineral supplements including minerals labeled as “colloidal” and found they all were a micron or bigger in size. They were not soluble, crystalline, ionic. Theref ore they would be millions of times too large for proper cell osmosis. The digestive tract will allow a particle as big as a micron to enter the bloodstream. Once these particles have entered your bloodstream, the only way they can get out of your bloodstream is to cell assimulate through osmosis. Because micron-sized particles are too large to assimulate through a cell, they stay in your bloodstream and can be deposited in different locations, which can cause a variety of heavy-metal diseases. When a person consumes water-soluble minerals, they will absorb, travel everywhere in the body, and if the body does not need them, the body will discharge them with no cumulative effects.

    Growing plants help break down the soils and only use particle sizes near an angstrom for osmosis and cell growth. Soils can be depleted of usable minerals because the particles are too large. Our soils have been used and used, and no one has ever replaced the lost minerals that are correct in size. In ancient times, people would pray for the yearly flood that would replenish their soils. The early pioneers would move further west every 12 years because it was believed that after 12 years the soils were depleted. Yet, 200 years later, we are attempting to grow crops and live off the same soils.

    To test the particle size of your current minerals supplement, simply shine a hand-held laser pointer through the fluid. If it’s not a solid, dissolve it into water, and then test it after it dissolves. Since the wavelength of light is an angstrom in size, you should not see any highlighted particles in the medium. If you see a streak of particles highlighted by the light, this is called the Tyndal Effect. This is a good indication that the particles are too big to be usable by the body.

    Colloidal silver particles that are a micron or bigger in size can get into the bloodstream and deposit in the soft tissue, turning your skin gray. This disease is called angyria. Iron that is a micron size or bigger is put into packaged foods such as breakfast cereals under the listing of “fortified.” As this iron builds up, it can cause a disease known as hemochromatosis. This condition can be fatal. Thirty-four children died during a 5-year period because they accidentally ingested iron supplements. One hundred and sixty others were made severely ill. Colloidal copper (that is micron-size or bigger), can get into the bloodstream and deposit in the soft tissue and cause a disease called Wilson’s disease which causes violent rages, schizophrenia, aneurysm, and Dr. J ekyll/Hyde symptoms.

    Most minerals that are too large or in the wrong form can reach critical levels causing a disease. A woman who refused to take copper supplements because she was told she was copper-toxic later died of an aneurysm caused by a lack of copper. If you have a hair analysis done to test your mineral levels, you might find out that you have too much of a specific element in your body. Then a few days later you might drop dead of a shortage of the very same element! This can happen because the test being used for testing your mineral levels does not distinguish between elements that are usable or unusable.

    I discovered that one of the ways to remove copper toxicity was to consume the correct kind of copper because the body will release unusable elements when given material that is bioavailable. It is apparent the body will hang on to elements which are in the wrong form hoping to use them but can’t. Therefore the body keeps accumulating the wrong type of minerals in whatever form it can get until a disease appears. For instance, to treat hemochromatosis, caused by an iron accumulation, you might consume a bioavailable iron. Or to treat Wilson’s disease that is caused by a copper accumulation you might consume copper in its bioavailable form. “

    You can check and order those angstrom sized mineral from

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