Started Accutane Today

Hey guys

Started my second course of accutane today, i took my other in 2001 so im kinda nervous again! Also the first course didnt give me the results i wanted to so really want this one to work! 😕

Ive been given my full dose, 45mg. On my first course for the first month i took half of that. Because i’ve started on my full dose this time does that mean i could see results quicker? And would that also mean that the intial flare up would subside quicker? (on my first month of first course, 20mg or so i broke out for the whole month until my dose was increased).

A question about how to actually take it. Ive got to take a 20mg twice a day and a 5mg once a day. How should these be spread out? A 20mg on its own and a 20mg and a 5mg together? or…?

I took my capsules with water on my first course, but i’ve heard that it is absorbed better with a meal. Does it matter if its taken just before or just after a meal? like on an empty stomach or better after the meal? Or not make a difference? And does it matter if its not a huge meal? Cos my meals are usually quite light!

Alright, think thats it for now!
Please reply and wish me luck for the second time round!
lilnat :angel

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3 thoughts on “Started Accutane Today

  1. Lilnat;first of all i love your picture.You’re very pretty 🙂 I’ll try to help on some of your questions but as you know i get confused about things myself and worry i’m doing them wrong,so hopefully it’s not the blind leading the blind :lol I’ll just say what i’d think;
    Being on your full dose from the beginning probably will mean you’ll see the results quicker because when i was taking the lower dose my derm said it would probably take longer to see improvement.
    If you’ve been told to take it in divided dosages i’d say have the 20mg and then later the 20 and 5.Maybe i should be taking mine in divided dosages.I’m on 50mg so that’s even more than you and i take it all together.Did your derm say it’s better to split them up???
    I’d take them either in the middle of a meal or just after.I don’t know if it matters that they are light because i worry about the same thing-i have light meals,especially at lunch when i take them and i’m still worried the tablets need to be taken with more food?Does anyone know?
    So GOOD LUCK! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Lilnat- you’re cute one. hope you get through this time.
    No pic on this site so far looks like an acne covered face.

  3. Hey Kelly and Mimi, thanks 😀 Mimi, its the make up! lol

    Kelly, yes i have been told to split them up into two doses throughout the day! It says on my pack to as well. Havent you been told to? I thought it was in the uk where they said to do that! But i dunno! I dunno if its better to or not…anyone know?

    lilnat :angel

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