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I was searching the Internet for organic make-up and found this website for “One Group” organics in Australia. The make-up ingredients looked wonderful: all natural and they passed the “zerozits.com” comedogenicity tests. The website is:


The foundation ingredients for the color “vanilla” are:

Organic aloe vera, purified water, organic jojoba oil, organic corn starch, organic safflower oil, organic sugar-cane ethanol, non-gmo lecithin, organic unrefined beeswax, d-panthenol, organic lavender essential oil, grapefruit extract, olive extract, sclerotium gum. May contain: +/- zinc oxide, iron oxides.

They don’t have a large color selection though, and the foundation says it’s “translucent”. They do have a concealor, but it appears to only come in one color, which is weird.

They also have skin care products for oily/problem skin which also are all organic and natural and look really interesting. My skin is doing quite well with the Eminence Organics products, but it does bother me that they do contain some chemicals like propylene glycol, although they are at the bottom of the lists. I would really like to put as natural as possible products on my skin.

Here’s a link for a search I did on organic cosmetics at “All Organic Link”, which is how I found the “One Group” site:


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  1. Here’s a reply I got from One Group to some questions I asked:

    Hello Lenore,

    unfortunately we do not have samples of the product yet to try. However I could send you a card and put a little of the lipsticks on it for you to see. ONE Group have not opened up to retail at the moment (that will be later in the year), so for now it is mail order only. For customers in the USA there is a capping on the frieght to keep shipping costs down. By mid year hopefully the products will be warehoused over there.
    As for the concealer, it is extremely light, there is another one to come out that should be more suitable. ( Even if you have fair skin, the concealer is still very light.) The shimmer cremes are used as blushes. Berry has a pink tone, peach has a more ‘peachy’ tone, and cocoa has a more brown tone to it. The shimmer cremes are beautiful and sheer, and can even be applied nicely with your fingers.

    If you are interested in ordering, you can join as a member (costs nothing), and then you will recive a minimum of 10% discount.
    The website to join on is: http://www.onegrp/?aowellness

    Kindest regards,

    Helen Vaca

  2. Here’s a quote from another e-mail letter she sent me:

    My own experience during pregnancy when my skin broke out in acne was what made me join the company as a rep. In 6-8 weeks the stubborn case of pimples (that were not clearing) managed to clear. The range for acne/oily skin is called ‘purifying’ and unlike other acne treatments or skin care, it’s not harsh and drying on the skin. The toner (conditioner) contains no alcohol and intead includes many different herbs to treat problem skin.

    Sounds intriguing. The ingredients are organic and natural, which is always what I’ve been looking for. I can’t try the skin care right now, though, because I just invested in Eminence Organics, which is keeping my skin pretty clear. I did cause myself to break out recently, though, by using a transdermal oil called “Lullabye” on my forehead. It contains valarian and hops and is supposed to get into one’s bloodstream through the skin, and help one to fall asleep at night. It caused me a nasty little group of zits, one big one, and then a bunch of other little whiteheads around it right in that area, though. That again proves to me that what I put on my skin is extremely important.

  3. The lady from One Group sent me samples of the MiEssence skin care products and make-up. (I made a posting about the skin care products on the main board.) She sent me samples of two colors of the foundation (porcelain and vanilla), and a sample of the concealor. They currently only have one color of concealor, which is quite light. They are going to be coming out with different colors of concealor soon, and also are going to carry eye make-up soon. The concealor seems to blend in pretty well on me. The porcelain foundation is quite light; the vanilla is a better color for me. The foundation does not have a lot of coverage — it’s fairly translucent, but not as sheer as a tinted moisturizer. I like them; they’re nice.

  4. Miessence has several new make-up products available. They have a selection of concealor colors available also. I would really like to order some, but they’re expensive. If you sign up (for free) as a member, you can save like 10% or more. As soon as I can afford them, I would like to get some of their make-ups. The La Bella Donna mineral powder is good, but at my age, I feel like I need something that has a more dewy finish. The powders can be a little dry.

  5. I ordered the MiEssence liquid foundation in vanilla and the cover-up in light. ( I used the website http://www.onegrp.com/?aowellness , which is the website of the lady who sent me the samples, Helen Vaca.) They also sell mineral powder make-up, but I would prefer to wear a liquid if I can get away with it. I’m 52 years old and my skin gets dry at this age. I actually had previously purchased a bottle of the MiEssence liquid foundation at a salon in Santa Barbara called Adagio but then when I got home, I realized that the ingredients listing on the bottle was different than the one at the One Group website. The one I got at Adagio was an older formula that contained cocoa butter. I was afraid to use it because cocoa butter is listed as a “4” at the http://www.zerozits.com website. They use shea butter instead now, which I believe is acne-safe. I also bought the MiEssence hair styling gel at Adagio and had an allergic reaction to it (my scalp started to itch). She won’t take either of the products back at Adagio, so I’m going to give them away to someone. All that money down the drain…ouch!

  6. Good news about the porcelain liquid foundation. Even though it lists “cocoa butter” on the bottle, a lady from the company that actually manufactures the make-up told me that she can tell by the batch number on the bottom of the bottle that it is the newer formula, with shea instead of cocoa butter. I guess they were just using up some old bottles. That’s good news, because I’m actually between the colors vanilla and porcelain, so I can mix the two. I’m glad that I can at least recoup some of the money.

  7. I received the vanilla color MiEssence liquid make-up and the fair cover-up. I am mixing the vanilla and the porcelain together as I am in-between the two colors (they don’t have a wide selection of colors in the liquid make-up). It is a sheer make-up, but very nice. The cover-up does not work well for me in covering up the red spots and zits. It might be that it works better over their own products, but over the MyChelle Deep Repair Cream and sun screen that I’m using, the cover-up is just not working well at all. I am using it for undereye circles only and going back to using the La Bella Donna powder for spot cover. It works so much better. I used to use the LBD all over my face, but I feel that that’s too drying and possibly a little irritating also. This is working out for me. My forehead is clearing since I stopped using the new hair detangling spray I was trying (Arcona). I really don’t know for sure what caused the forehead flare-up, but my trouble spots are usually my right cheek and jawline, and these zits were exactly where my hair touches my forehead. Hopefully, it’ll stay clear now. I’ve been using the MyChelle products for a little over two weeks now — still absolutely love them. Only time will tell if they help keep my skin clear.

  8. I have a dark pink spot on my upper chest from where I removed a mole using blood root herb (see the main board). It is also still pink from where I got an allergic reaction to the bandaid. I used the MiEssence cover on it and then put the LBD on top and that covered the spot really, really well — better than either one of them alone. The combination of the two is a winner for spot cover. I’m still just using the LBD for the spots on my face (over the MiEssence liquid make-up) though because I don’t have all day to apply make-up. The LBD over the M.E. liquid make-up does a good job of covering also.

  9. I’ve noticed recently since the weather has gotten warmer, that the consistency of the two colors of MiEssence liquid make-up that I have are very different. The porcelain color is much creamier — the vanilla is quite liquidy. This makes me nervous because now I wonder if the porcelain does contain cocoa butter afterall, as is listed on the bottle. I e-mailed the formulator again about the consistency difference, and she insisted that the batch numbers indicate that they are both the newer formula with shea butter instead of cocoa butter. Here’s what she wrote:

    I’ve just had a look at both of those batches, and they are almost identical, except for the amount of iron oxide and the date of manufacture. Neither of them contain cocoas butter.

    My theory is that the older one (porcelain) has just set like jelly. All of the foundations contain gum If you shake it up, the jelly will break up, turning into a cream again.

    I shook them, but saw no difference. My skin has been breaking out recently and I’m wondering if the make-up could be the reason. I can’t afford to buy yet another porcelain MiEssence liquid make-up though — they’re terribly expensive. I don’t really want to wear my La Bella Donna mineral powder right now though because my skin is pretty dry, probably from the MyChelle acne products (the Cranberry Cleanser and the Clear Skin Serum both contain drying ingredients, plus the cranberry mud mask has clay in it).

  10. I’ve been using the MiEssence liquid foundations again (mixing the two colors) and my skin has stayed clear. I also bought their Shimmer Cream in the color “berry” — it’s very nice. It looks dark in the pot, but it’s very subtle as a blush (it can also be used on the lips). I like them both very much. I believe she told me that the foundation has some sun protection to it also (it’s not SPF rated though).

  11. MiEssence products are sold online at http://www.ulew.com . Ulew natural products company is located in Peoria, IL. The owner, Kandy, sent me some samples of the powder foundation (fair, medium and tan) and of the blush (all the colors). I haven’t tried the blushes yet (they arrived later) but I tried the foundations. They look really light but then they darken up a few minutes after applying them. They’re nice but they don’t have much coverage. They have a lovely scent from the "rose otto" that is in them. I’ve got 3 new zits now, though, so I’m wondering if the rose otto could be a problem. I haven’t been taking my supplements for several days now though because I’ve had an stomach cramps and diarrhea. I also only washed my face once a day for several days last week, and I also ate some foods that are off my diet (some fried foods, wheat flour, etc.) Any of these could be aggravating factors also.

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