I read somewhere that visine is a good way to tempoarly get rid of redness. How effective is it?, as my gf is coming over for the weekend and I have had some bad breakouts this week and have a heap of red marks. I just want to get rid of them while she is here (even if i need to apply something every few hrs!).

Is there anything else that will get rid of redness temp?


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5 thoughts on “Visine

  1. um… makeup.. lol Why not try the visine now and see what results you get for yourself rather than taking our word? :mrgreen

  2. Visine is an eyedrop you use to make your eyes go from red to shiny white… same kinda stuff as products like “clear eyes”

    My brother is blonde too.. so im use giving this kind of assistance :wink (even though hes a lot smarter than me, he does have his moments :lol )

  3. Hehe, ok, i just proved myself, i was gonna ask you how you knew i was blonde….LOL 😀
    Im really intelligent you know! 😀

    lilnat :angel

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