What book to buy?

Well i really want my face clean and i can’t seem to make up a plan by myself, i am planning to purchase a book to folow to finally clear up my skin, here are my 2 choices wich one would you choose?





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3 thoughts on “What book to buy?

  1. I found the acne cure to be too drying for my skin to continue using it (and for the time I was using it, it made no difference). My skin is almost clear now, and the only difference is that my diet is improved. I’ve always had a lot of symptoms of hypoglycemia, so I changed my diet to cope with those mostly, and fortunately, my acne has almost completely went away as a side effect. For me, the best book was The Low Blood Sugar Handbook by Edward Krimmel. Acne isn’t mentioned anywhere in it, but the change in diet is what mostly has cured my acne (I still get 2-3 spots PMS week that stay small and clear up w/in a few days). As for topicals, I merely use Cetaphil cleanser (rinsed off with water) followed by a swipe of diluted witch hazel or (very diluted) rubbing alcohol, followed by moisturizer, (then makeup). I no longer use anything on my skin that makes it feel dry and tight.

  2. another good rule of thumb is to avoid foods that make you not feel well – foods that make you tired afterward or upset your stomach – for many of us, these include the dairy and starch foods many diet acne books advise us to avoid. I’ve learned from experience that these foods are not my friend.

    another rule of thumb – if you can’t picture our prehistoric ancestors eating it, our endocrine systems didn’t evolve dealing with it, and it might be a good idea not to eat it.

    Typical foods I eat:

    Atkins brand cereal (ok – not the most natural thing in the world to eat, but it doesn’t seem to adversely effect my system, and it’s easy to make and it lasts through to lunch), with cream.
    eggs and bacon (on weekends, with bearnaisse sauce – yum)

    salad w/ meat
    chicken wrap – I use “Mountain Bread” from the whole foods store – it’s a flatbread with no yeast or gluten, and a relatively low amount of starch; throw in salad mix, some lunch meat, some sourcream, and some seasonings.

    meat + salad + veggie side

    a cup of yogurt (I add some flavoured yogurt into the plain yogurt container so it has some flavour)

    drink plenty of water.

  3. thanks i’ll look into that and also try to apply those foods in my diet, what i really have doubt on is vitamins and minerals and such.

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