Backne + Epsom Salt

hey guys
I’m a newbie to this forum, been reading up on backne and epsom salt and how its great for the relief of acne in general. I just purchased 500g of Epsom Salt and was wondering how much grams u guys actually do put in the bath and how long do u guys soak in there?.

Whats the result been like ? , how long did it take to see some results?. I have had moderate backne for 5 years and i dont want to take antibotics to get rid of it.

Hope to hear from you guys!. Thanks

Note from the editor: See Epsom Salt for Acne = Amazing for how to use Epsom salt for acne.

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5 thoughts on “Backne + Epsom Salt

  1. Hi, Im just bumping this topic coz i have a quick question about epsom salts.

    I went to look in boots and found some…but the box said “for relief of occasional constipation” lol.
    Now is this REALLY the same thing or are they secretly packaging laxitives under a clever disguise. That could be quite embarassing.

    I dont want to take them internally, just add them to a bath but the idea of laying in laxitives sounds a bit strange (???)

    Thanks, Tay 🙂

  2. Well Tay, you never know, I think it could be quite benificial for you, seeing as you have been eating all those nuts recently!!!

    SORRY! I shouldnt have said that on the forum.

    I used to get a few spots on my back but once I started B5, they were the first to go. Maybe you could look into getting some B5. I dont know why more people havent tried it.

    I put a few drops of tee tree oil in my bath and soak myself in that for about 20 minutes. You dont need much and I find it really really helps.

  3. Shut up Martin, you looser! :lol
    But actually since we’re on the subject i’m glad your back has cleared up. At least now when you’re wearing your mama’s dresses you can have smooth skin and your padded bra will be a little bit more comfortable.

    Ooopsie, sorry love, i guess this isnt the place to say that either :mrgreen

    Anyways…back to my laxitive filled bath…???

    NOTE: Martin is not really a tranny, hehe

  4. Too far you say? Naaaah! But maybe this is slightly too far….

    Martin in his fetching green frock:

    ^^ Aww Martin you’re so purdy!

    Hehe, Looooooooooove Yoooooooooou!! :mrgreen

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