Does Retin A Micro really works??

Hey guys 🙂

I was just wondering if some of u have used R A Micro?
Soon Im going to start using it. I’m gonna quit Accutane because its not doing me any good.

So, I’d like to know about your experiences with this cream or gel or whatever it is.

Im also going to take tetracycline, any coments about this one too.

I know that the ‘tane is the best stuff out there to cure acne but i just dont want to risk my healh anymore. Yesterday I fainted, thing that has never happened to me before.

Well, Im just hoping this works!

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2 thoughts on “Does Retin A Micro really works??

  1. I took Retin-A and tetracycline combo for about two or three years, switching antibiotics to sumycin and some other (can’t remember the name). From what I remember, the tetracycline had to be taken on an empty stomach. It made me seriously nauseous each morning that I took it. That’s why I was changed to other antibiotics.
    Retin-A completely dried out my skin the first few months of taking it. It also made it so my skin would be literally falling off, and be red and irritated. (It was a pain to put on makeup) 😕 Besides the drying, it got rid of a lot of breakouts. After a while my skin got used to the Retin-A (no longer peeling and red) and breakouts would return, so the derm would up the %. A few years later I was at the highest % (I think it was .10%), and it wasn’t working any longer with the breakouts returning and my skin being just as oily as in the beginning. That was my experience with Retin-A and tetracycline. Good Luck.

  2. retin-a micro was a horrible experience for me, my face would always be red and my acne was not inflammatory before that, but then once my derm switched me to retin-a micro, my skin didn’t react very well… I thought it was just the “initial” breakout, but I used it from June – Jan and it did nothing for me… now I’m back on DifferinGel, and I’m hoping it clears me up as well as it did last year… but the difference is I’m not taking any antiobiotics right now…

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