Low Carb/Low GI diet

I’m quite interested in the low carb diet and about eating foods that are low on the glycemic index.I’m worried that the cause of my acne could be a hormonal imbalance and i’ve done some research on these diets because of that.I’ve looked into PCOS because i’m concerned that i may have that problem.
Basically,i’ve kind of picked up that when you eat high sugar foods/high carb foods,your blood sugar levels spike,your body releases insulin which causes alot of hormones to be released(or something along those lines :wink ),and the hormones obviously cause the problem with your skin;namely making you break out.
I am concerned that i may be insulin resistant.I crave carbohydrates and i read in the Atkin’s diet book that you normally crave the food that you actually have an intolerance too.After i’ve eaten high carb foods i feel tired and headachy too.
Also dianette is the only thing so far that completely cleared my skin so do have an inkling that my problem could be the hormones.

I think i’m going to try to limit my carb intake to about 100 grams a day while i’m still on the roaccutane so i can still see if the roaccutane will work.
For two weeks i may cut my carbs to about 50grams a day.Eat mainly fish,eggs,nuts and get my carbs from vegetables and a little fruit.I may eat some lentils/beans too.From this i may see if it helps at the end of the two weeks.
If it helps,and if the roaccutane doesn’t help(but i still do really hope it does work),i’d give the low carb/low GI diet a go for 2-3 months and see if it clears my skin.

I’d find it really hard because i love carbs so much!I rarely crave protein foods! :lol But if it cleared my skin,i could do it!!!

I’d probably have all the tests done for PCOS too,to see if it is the problem.I know that before one of the tests you have to eat 200grams of carbs every day for four days leading up to the test.

While i’m still doing the roaccutane and just limiting my carbs somewhat,i think i’ll probably be eating alot of eggs.Maybe 6 a week.Will i be all right on six eggs a week???I mean,is it healthy and could they break me out?
With me being a vegetarian it is hard.
I don’t want to be deficient in vitamins and mineral.While i’m on roaccutane i don’t really want to be taking a load of supplements.

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  1. I’ve been on the low-carb diet since the beginning of November, and my skin has really cleared since then. You should start out with the induction period for two weeks and then up your carb intake. Check out the atkins website for more details.

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