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Hi Denise 🙂
I just wondered if you could tell me how you do the coffee enemas and the liver flushes that you do?I find it really interesting.This is quite sad but i was watching The Salon earlier and a lady was having a coffee enema done and the therapist explained all about what was happening to the liver,and it did sound good.
I was going to PM you about it but i thought it’d be valuable information to everyone.

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  1. Hi Kelly…….sorry, I just saw this thread! 🙂

    I have come to believe that acne is totally, 100% an INTERNAL thing. Food allergies can cause acne, but what causes food allergies? Dirty bowel, malfunctioning liver, etc…..cause food allergies/sensitivities. Blood sugar is related to thyroid function, which is connected with food sensitivies. BOTTOM LINE…..acne is a problem that can be remedied with detoxification and colon/liver cleansing.

    Currently I’m ofcourse still doing the liver flushing and I’ve passed an unbelievable amount of parasites and their egg sacks. I’m absolutely flabbergasted that all this crap has been inside me.

    Well Kelly, I really don’t want to gross anyone out but suffice it to say that the coffee enemas are great for acne but you really should detoxify your colon and your liver if you want to totally, once and for all, “cure” your acne. Since I don’t want to gross anyone out, coffee enemas were done back to Egyptian times for detoxification purposes. Enemas are still routinely done in India (I am saying it’s “mainstream”). Coffee enemas are really good because they force the liver to release toxins (not gallbladder/liver stones mind you). When you eat the standard American diet, or get parasites, your bowel becomes very toxic and the liver cannot handle the load, and toxins pass through the skin, creating acne. It usually happens on the face, neck, and back because that’s where the oil glands are, and where sebum is mostly produced.

    Mucoid plaque is probably present in everyone who has acne. Mucoid plaque is formed when you eat something that the body has a hard time assimilating (mostly dairy, sugar, white flour, fast food, etc…). There is a mucous that forms around undigested toxic bits of these foods and eventually it will harden and turn into a consistancy that is rubbery and very hard. The colon releases this mucous to protect the body from the toxicity of the undigested toxic food. I have passed this stuff before when detoxing. :crazyeyes

    For lots of information on this stuff, you can always go to: and click onto whatever subject you want to read about. Recipes for coffee enemas and various other things are all there. Keep in mind that coffee enemas aren’t going to reach into the colon fully and discharge a lot of the toxic material. Right now I’m taking flax fiber/bentonite clay mixture and juicing a lot and eating a lot of salads and hope to pass all this crap once and for all, and I’m willing to do it for as long as it takes.

    Since liver flushing, I’ve come to believe that I’ve been infested with parasites. It’s odd….I didn’t know I had them, but I do. I’m very excited about dealing with all this stuff once and for all. I only do coffee enemas once a week during the cleansing, and it does release a lot of junk.

    Be sure to check out curezone…..LOTS of reading information, and it’s very informative, explains everything I’ve talked about in great detail. 😀

  2. Thanks so much for that,Denise 🙂 I went to Curezone and had a look at the recipes for the flushes.I’m not sure i should do them while i’m still on the roaccutane but maybe i’ll try thrm in future if i need to.I am really trying with the diet side of things though so i’ll see how that goes,and how the roaccutane goes.
    Thanks for all of that information 🙂

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