Good scar cream!

I found a scar cream that seems to have worked really well for the scars left on my back after gettin rid of my acne with accutane. Actually I didn’t find it my mom did…..and just to remind me that I’ve never quite measured up to her idea of perfection even after I got rid of the acne (yea someone has mom issues lol!) she decided to send me out some. I’m really surprised tho cuz it seemed to do the trick, its from derma E and is just called Scar Removal Cream. I don’t know where she got it from but she works in a natural health food store so I wouldn’t be surprised if she got it from there. Anyways just thought I’d drop a tip!


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  1. I have tried using the dermaE products and they work fairly well… the good thing about them is they are non-drying and all natural. I still use their clear skin cleanser, although I recently discovered that it really wasn’t getting my makeup off as well as I thought (so now I get the excess off with a cotton ball and apple cider vinegar). Now that you have mentioned their scar removal cream I think I will get it. Thanks for the recommendation! By the way, I get my DermaE cleanser at the health food store, so that is probably where your Mom got it.

  2. stevi

    I’m already using mandelic acid, so I probably wouldn’t get any Derma-E products soon, but how much were they?

  3. I know what you mean Wally, there are so many all-natural products on the market now that it’s hard to stick to just one… The cleanser that I use by dermaE is around 10.00, but I was looking on the internet yesterday and I found the scar removal cream for 15.60. I forget the website now though. I used the search engine MSN and typed in Derma E and two websites came up, one was but the cream was more expensive there. The other one had it on sale for 15.60.


    This is the website. I followed my directions above and typed in dermaE and I told everyone that only two options would come up and 400 something did the second time around… sorry! With so many other options you might find a site that sells the scar removal cream for less but the site above does have it on sale for $15.60… I think I am going to get it, but there is a health food store a mile from my house so it would be silly for me to pay shipping when I can get it there. I’ll keep everyone updated on whether it works for me… at least we know that Heather has had success.

  5. just so you know, derma-e isn’t exactly all natural. their products contain either isoproply myristate or palmitate i forget. but i got a bunch of free samples from them and I remember not using them because I checked the ingredeints. their blemish cream 2 has isoproply palmitate in it as like the second ingredient i believe.

  6. Well hmmf. I thought I was doing something good for myself by buying an “all-natural” product. Thanks for the info.

  7. I got some samples for Derma-E’s Scar Gel at Vitamin Barn (she gave me a bunch of packets actually, which was very nice of her). I’ve only been using it on a little scar that I have below my eyebrow, though, on my upper eyelid area. I had a big, nasty infected hair follicle there that got hugely infected. It’s a raised white scar. I think it’s softened down a bit, but it’s still there. I haven’t been that consistent with using the gel though. It contains the same active ingredient as is in Mederma (I think it’s called “allicin”, or something like that, and is extracted from onions). I would think that the gel form would be less likely to be comedogenic than a cream. I can’t seem to get the Derma-E website to open though (I think their site is ). There was a girl on another acne board who had good results with some of their acne products, but I’ve never tried any other of their products. I haven’t tried the scar gel on the acne scars, as I’m undergoing professional treatments for those. I doubt that it would work on pitted scarring, but I don’t know.

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