Does Chocolate cause spots???

im surprised ive not seen this question here already, so i thought id ask and see what u guys all think……..

in my experience eating buket loads of the stuff everyday doesnt help ur acne but we couldnt possibly cut it out of our diet completly!! come on….. its like one of the main food groups, fruits, fibre, dairy, chocolate!!!!!

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6 thoughts on “Does Chocolate cause spots???

  1. Hey again kamel, hehe, keep bumping into ya! 😀

    I think your right, you cant really stay away full time from chocolate, but it probably doesnt help to be eating it too much too often. Especially if the chocolate is something like dairy milk & your avoiding dairy!

    lilnat :angel

  2. The sugar, the dairy, and the kind of fats found in most chocolate can cause worse breakouts… Im not sure, but I feel that pure chocolate would be safe (unless allergic, which is rare)

    Kamal, nither fiber or dairy are food groups, or essinstial foods. These two substances are void of benifit to the body. (referance: )

  3. i was knida kiding with ‘five food groups’ thing Professor Nomad. i just cdnt be bothered to find out which five food groups do actualy exit. im sure u could tell me…….. (please dont)

    Not much response with this one…………….

    Come on guys……. do acne suffers eat choclate or do they detest and saty away from it religiously??????????????

    Whos ate it and regretted it the next day, cos a pimple the size of Kilumonjra appeared on thier nose????? tell me!

  4. Personally, eating chocolate does not change my acne in any way, or cause me to break out. But, everyone’s different I guess.

    Ryan :muti

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