BC – cerezette/desogen?

Hey girls 😀

Im starting roaccutane this week, and have been put on BC for it. I cant have ‘normal’ bc pills such as diane35 (which is what i would have liked) due to the fact that i get migraines.
I’ve been put on a bc pill called cerezette (desogestrel), which as far as im aware, and have been told that this is just the uks brand name for desogen.
This pill contains just the female hormone progestagen, in contrast to normal pills which also contain estrogen. (i think the estrogen must contribute to migraines or something thats why i’ve been given it).

Has anybody had any experience with this type of pill? Or know anything at all about it? I’ve found it hard to get information off the net, and even then id rather have other peoples experiences.

Because it just has progestagen in, and not estrogen, is this likely to cause acne? Is it the estrogen in normal bc pills that stop acne? Because if this pill does contribute to acne…thats going against the whole point!

Im only on bc because of roaccutane, and this type of pill is my only choice according to doctors…well this and depo provera (been there done that; never again!).

Please help!

lilnat :angel

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  1. Im not very good with bc pills if you noticed, i dont have experience with them and i get confused with the big words like progestagen and estrogen, hehe 😀

    lilnat :angel

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