i cant sleep

this is kind of off topic

but recently i been having problems sleeping
its like ill sit in front of the computer till 5am, sometime 7am and then go to sleep till 2pm

iv lost my sleeping pattern and i cant get it back

what would help me? i dont really wana go see a doc.. is there anything i can do?

thanks guys

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17 thoughts on “i cant sleep

  1. Hey Reza,
    All I can think of to get your sleep patterns back is to just get into bed! I know that sounds dumb but if your sitting at the computer then your probably not going to feel sleepy. Tomorrow night, just get into bed quite early (say 11pm) regardless of whether you’re tired or not and just lay there. Even if your not sleeping, your body will still be resting and you WILL eventually fall asleep. Then set your alarm and get up early. You’ll probably be tired for the day but fight it and then go to bed early again so you sleep right through (thats what im planning to do on wednesday night)
    BINGO – sleep pattern returns!

    I don’t know much about insomnia but if that ^ doesn’t work then maybe its a medical condition.

    Good luck

  2. Hmm……I have the same problem but mine is because I went home for the holidays and three weeks on a different time zone plus staying up until 4am and sleeping until like 2pm really threw me off so now that i”m home I’m a little lost. I get super sleepy like halfway thru the day and by nite I can’t even shut my eyes or I go bisurk…..! I’m worried that its going to make me break out cuz lack of sleep seems to have that effect on my skin yikes! :pray lets hope that doesn’t happen. Guess I’m in the same boat as you Reza…I’m goign to try the whole forcing myself to lie still in bed thing and if that doesn’t work then I guess nyquil it is! Unless anyone has any other suggestions?????


  3. Do what Tatum says, it’s the only way to go.

    Get into a routine and stick to it as much as possible. I know it’s difficult at weekends, cos’ we all stay up late and want a lay-in, but during the week try to keep things regular.

    Also, try a bath with Epsom Salts before you go to bed…have a long soak and get straight into bed afterwards. The magnesium sulphate in the Epsom Salts act as a muscle relaxant, so you should be feeling very ‘chilled’ after your bath.
    (Reza, you can get Epsom Salts from Boots. Just ask the pharmacist. Some branches stock it readily, some may have to order it for you).


  4. no no on melatonin

    i’ve taken it, it even entered my daily vitamins supplmentation. they did a study, and yes it does make you sleepy. but the effects go away once you stand or or start thinking about things. basically it lets you sleep, but you still have to be relaxed etc.

  5. hey guys, thank u all for all the info..
    whats nyquil?

    anyway im gonna take all ur advice and put it on one.. im gonna do what tatum said tonight and see what happens

    i was walking past the pharmecy today and they had these OTC sleeping pills called NITOL.. so i bought a pack, their meant to make u sleepy.

    so tonight im gonna take one of those and go to bed at 11. probably wont fall asleep till about 1, but hey its better than sleeping at 6?

    ill let u know how it goes
    thanks guys.. and ye heather, lack of sleep does make me break out, so i gotta get my pattern back

    thanks everyone

  6. Hey

    Come down to Australia and that way ull be okay – that way u can keep ur current sleeping patterns


  7. I can’t sleep either!!!! Did someone say something about Zinc and b6 make u not able to sleep? i dunno if it’s a coincidence but since i started taking those, i am not sleepy. The thing is, i am stressing out about not sleeping since i’m scared that i will break out, which is probably the reason why i’m gonna break out and why i can’t sleep. This is horrible. I’m gonna try and read or something.

  8. Hi Reza,
    I am glad to see 😮 you back on the board.

    Well, to help you to get back to your normal circadium rhythm you might want to try taking some magnesium at bedtime, (100mg to 300mg, magnesium citrate is ok), and perhaps a warm bath with a 1/2 cup of epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) in the bath could be just enough to get you relaxed enough to get back on track. On the oral magnesium, the only type that doesn’t work well is the magnesium oxide.


  9. hi guys, hi solomio
    im glad to say that iv sorted the problem out, for the past 2 days iv been going to sleep at around 11pm, 12 and waking up at 10am feeling really good
    what solved the problem?
    Tytol tablets.. i bought them over the counter and heres what they contain:

    Each capsule contains 50mg Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride BP,
    Anhydrous Lactose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Maize Starch, Stearic Acid and Silicon dioxide
    i have no idea what those are but they helped, hehe
    i got my sleeping pattern back and im not gonna take it tonight, ill see if i just feel tired around 11/12pm

    thanks guys

  10. Tytol???…or Nytol?
    Nytol are a completely herbal remedy. I’ve never heard of Tytol?

    Oh, and…..you were very welcome to my suggestions too Reza !!!!!
    (Just a bit miffed that I ddin’t get a thank-you too!!)….Epsom Salts are still a great bet!! BTW.


  11. whoops i meant Nytol sorry
    and emma u diiiiiiiiiiiiid get a Thank you…
    i sent a thank u to everyone that included ur sexy self

    whats epsom salt anyway, iv never heard of it? wasnt that something to help back acne or something!?

  12. :oops
    Yes, you indeed did….apologies!

    Epsom Salts are magnesium sulphate. They are used for a number of different things. Yes, they halp with body acne. They can also be used internally as a mild laxative. And they’re great for muscle strains/injuries when you soak in them. Like Solo says, about half a small cup to your bath will be enough. Not only will they help your skin while you soak, but they somehow draw out toxins from your muscles.

    I remember Solo doing a great post on how they actually work….try and do a search for it, or maybe Solo will read this and bump the thread for you.

    I remember reading an article about Keanu Reeves and the making of Matrix – he also took Epsom Salt bath each night to help his sore muscles recover from all those rigourous fight scenes!!


  13. I had insomnia for almost three years!! It started out like you….A few sleepless nights so I started taking Nytol, then after awhile the Nytol quit working and I had to get some real sleeping pills from the doc….finally I went to a sleep clinic to see if there was a medical reason for my problem…there wasn’t. It turned out to be STRESS!!! I had a major problem falling asleep…and it got worse everyday because you end up thinking about it in the evening, ” what can I do tonight to make myself fall asleep?” and the more you think about getting sleep the less chance you have of it happening and it becomes a vicious cycle. I have now learned not to let a bad night of sleep bother me (though it doesn’t happen often anymore) so my advice to you is use the nytol a few days to get yourself back on track and then STOP taking it and only use it when you don’t think you will fall asleep…..believe me it can become a horrible thing to live with if you don’t solve it quick!!!

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