Q for Nomad – about Bentonite Clay

Hi Nomad

I eventually spotted a place in the UK selling the bentonite clay, it’s cheap too, so please explain how to use this and any info you have on it. I remember it is good for general detox, but was wondering if this is something you do regularly.


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5 thoughts on “Q for Nomad – about Bentonite Clay

  1. The bentonite is great as a mask base for overnight use, or as a mask itself. If has a strong physical absorbancy function that sucks toxins and heavy meatls into it. Bentonite is also great for sucking up extra oil.

    I use it every week or so internally so help get rid of the heavy meatls in my system (good idea to do with chelation to get them out of you intestance)

    Also, id say about once a week i put it on as a mask, or when im feeling extra oily ill leave it on for overnight. I always wake up with an oil free face, and it seems to stay that way, soft and smooth for a long time =)

    If taken internally make sure you dont take it with any food or supplments as it might absorb some minerals/nutrients. Take with lots of water!

  2. Thanks Nomad.

    How much do you take internally? like how many teaspoons do you mix with water? and how much water?

    Also, since you take similar supplements to me, how far apart do you need to space the time of taking the supplements/food and doing the bentnite flush?

    Thanks 😀

  3. I use about 2 tablespoons per time (as says on bottle) I do it 30 mins before eating or 2 hours after (as iyou take it with a bunch of water) Since you drink it with a lot of water, this is the amount of time you need to space it out so it dosnt mix with your food or supplemnts.

  4. I can say first hand that B Clay is wonderful! I use it on clients all the time externally. Char*

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