Enzyme ques. 4 Maya

I have just recievd Polzyme forte supp. however I have a few queries !
Does this supp. have to be refridgerted ?
Should this be taken before or after food ?
Should this be taken once daily as suggested on label or should it be taken with every meal ? ( The latter option would seem to be v. expensive .)
thANkx 4 your help. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Enzyme ques. 4 Maya

  1. ILuvHouse

    The Polyenzyme Forte doesn’t require refrigeration, although that’s where I keep mine. So you can carry them around with you.

    The instructions do say to take one a day b4 your main meal, but my naturopath said to take 2 capsules b4 all meals for a month so that your digestive system is given it’s best possible chance to work efficiently.

    I only take one now if I know I am going to be eating something not so healthy like pasta, pizza. take away foods etc.

    The first month of use was very expensive LOL!! But you don;t need to do it the same way as me – my digestion at that time was up the creek. Maybe you could hust take one a day b4 your main meal as suggested and I’m sure it will still work for you if you try and eat relatively healthy.

    Can I offer you an alternative suggestion? – another way of helping digestion is to use ginger. Get a small piece and let it sit in boiling water for 15-30 minutes and then drink it down 15-30 minutes b4 a meal – that helps a lot. So, you might want to alternate this and use the ginger for 1 meal and then the enzymes for another – will be cheaper.

    Those Biocare enzymes are brilliant 😀 My digestion works so well now that I am able to eat pretty much everything I want with no breakout – but you’d better wait a couple of months b4 trying that out.

  2. Thankx for your informative reply Maya. I think I will do as you suggested as taking more than one a day would be a litle to much for my wallet !
    pERHAPS i WILL try the ginger method you suggested also , I had heard somehing bout this before.
    Worrying about what I eat isnt a problem 4 me at moment ( touch wood) as I pretty much eat anythingI want anyway, with exception to fried foods and hydrogenated oils. I have tried being selective in regards to what I eat in the past, but I hate that, I lose to much weight and love food to much !

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