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I read that you replied in one post saying head and shoulders was good for back acne. How does this work, do you know? Would it be suitable to use on some of the face?

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  1. ya I had heard this tip from someone else, and I have to say that it did nothing for me if not make it worse. It could be just me though so it might work for you. If you dont see it getting any better or getting worse, just stop using it. We`ve got a while until summer when people will be seeing your back.

  2. Hey guys,
    Head & Shoulders contains 1%Pyrithione Zinc, which kills off a form of fungus (Malassezia, P. ovale) that can grow on the scalf. Actually most people are supposed to have this fungus on their scalps BUT for SOME people it multiplys to the point where it irritates the scalp causing dryness, from the production of its acid byproducts, which in turn causes flaking of the scalp that shows up in the hair as gross dandruff.

    What causes this fungus to grow like crazy, and cause the dry skin that causes dandruff are stress, hormone production, very oily skin, poor diet, and not washing the hair often enough.

    It is alway possible that if you have bad dandruff and acne at the same time, that your acne could be made worse by excessive amounts of this fungus being present on your scalp, and through your hair.

    Let us know if you do try using Head & Shoulders and it helps get rid of your backne. In theory it might be helpful.


  3. I use Head & Shoulders shampoo. I used to use the fragrance kind, but that stuff was very drying to my skin-if it touched my forehead it would dry it out, in the bad way, and irritate the skin. When I switched to the regular Head & Shoulders, I just wash my hair with it. I found that my skin was too sensitive to use H&D on any of my face.

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