Urine Therapy

OK, before you all go EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!! I’d just like to say that I’ve been researching this for quite some time and have yet to find any negative results for people who have done this properly and carefully.
Firstly the results people have been seeing as regards to their acne is sometimes amazing. Of course like most things this will not work for everybody who tries it. I myself have only decided to attempt this kind of therapy as I have tried countless products over the 10 years I have been an ance sufferer. Nothing has worked for a considerable length of timeand I will not take any more powerful prescription drugs. I just dont know what they will do to me in years to come. I will start UT tomorrow.
Most people think this is repulsive. We have all come into contact with urine in our lifetime and how many of us can say that they have had a bad reaction from having it on their skin hand etc? Also how many of us have put harsh chemiclas on our skin without knowing anything about them except what the doctor or derm told us? Down the years we have all been told urine is a dirty substance and we must wash it off immediately. Just do a search on google/yahoo for this subject and you will find all of the information you’ll need.
I was talking to a friend recently who said that back in Italy when he was growing up, his grandmother had cured all his brothers and sisters from their skin (mainly acne) problems as it had been a problem with his parents too, by using UT. He never mentioned it to anyone for fear of ridicule and I dont blame him, people can be so narrow minded.
I thought I would post here to see what others think. The reaction will be mixed but when you have suffered like I have both physically and mentally down the years UT doesnt seem like such a bad thing. I’ve never been suicidal because I’m a strong person but I can quite understand why some people are when forced to deal with acne. If you do some research like I think you may be pleasantly surprised.


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7 thoughts on “Urine Therapy

  1. The urine therapy for acne is nothing new that I have heard of. This topic comes on and off in the acne boards from time to time. I have dear cyber friends whom I respect and sherish a lot that have tried it. I heard many stories of people trying it and as time passed by the came to conclude that it only worked temporarely and so they only used it for special occasions.

    My questions are: Does urine have anti androgens to control sebum production? Can urine control food intolerances? Can urine control stress? Can urine control the monthly hormonal changes estrogen/progesterone in woman that lead to acne? How about the toxins in urine? I mean for this (urea, creatinine, uric acid, amonium, the petrochemicals and heavy metals) Is that good to bring it up to the body again?

    Im glad that this therapy is working for your acne, I respect you for it but to me no thanks, I pass on this one. :wink

  2. SJ – I met a woman some time back who was a real believer in auto-urine therapy, and believe me, she looked AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! She was 55 and looked 25 and at that time, I did not listen too much to her about this but I did do some reseqrch on the web and read a couple of books on the subject several years ago and it does sound like a really good cure all type of therapy.

    I am now clear, but I am not adverse to the thought of doing this :shock

    My dad is a retired derm and he used to tell me how urine is sterile and that when he was in the army, soldiers would cover their wounds with their own urine to help them heal. I have also read stories about people being cured of cancer and other life threatening diseases.

    My yoga teacher mentioned this to me some time ago too, and he said that in ayurvedic tradition it is called amarolli (spelling?) and that it is a very old medicine dating back to over 4000 years ago and that there are many people doing this.

    Had I linked auto-urine therapy to a cure for acne when I first came across this, I’m sure I would have tried it. Maybe I still should as it can only benefit ourselves.

    This is odd, as I type this out, all sorts of information is coming to my head and I think I will go and investigate this therapy again LOL!!

    Mari – as I recall from my resarch some years ago, urine therapy can be used topically and internally. Topically, it can be used to treat all types of skin diseses, burns and general aches etc. Internally, it works because it works on the same principles as homeopathy – that is re-introducing something into your own body which was expelled will make your body create antibodies that will fight any disease currently in your body.

    And urea is FDA approved I believe? and our urine has plenty of that in it, and isn’t urea meant to be the ingredient of the most expensive creams? And surely our own urea is unique to ourselves, so why use some other persons/animal urea when we can use our own for free?
    😀 LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s interesting stuff and I have an open mind to this. Maybe I should try it and see if it works on scars.What do you think SJ?

  3. Hey Maya thanks for the input.

    I was a little concerned that I would be considered a nut-job for choosing this route! I was fascinated by the things I found when I researched this subject. I thought long and hard about it but I couldnt see a reason NOT to try it. I’m kinda interested in how people survived in the days before television and antibiotics. Having an open mind is probably the best thing when dealing with a subject like UT and I wouldnt go telling my friends about it because I know what they would say.
    It may not work for me, but I will persevere with something else if that is the case, but if it does work then it will have cost me nothing and I will feel better knowing that I can be cured from something my own body produces. Whatever happens I will have learned a lot on this somewhat intersting subject.


  4. Also to Mari,

    From the books and websites I’ve looked at regarding this subject I’ve found that many different ailments have been cured by UT, including depression. Theres far too much too list here but you can see for yourself by doing a search.
    I know some people claim that this therapy just gives them a greater sense of well-being, I guess you just have to experience it before being able to answer.
    I’ll try to post my results whether good or bad.

  5. sj

    Good luck to you and please keep us updated as to your progress and who knows, I may join you – in the search for ever better health!!

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter what others think, if something works for you then you are one up! 😀


  6. Hi SJ,

    Firm believer in Ut as i am using the therapy myself now. Im on my second or third week and have been seeing some amazing results. Have you tried it yet hun? Come visit my thread on Ut if you’re thinking about starting it ill be with ya all the way. If not its still an interesting thing to learn about. Im finding out new info about it everyday. My great grandmother is almost 100 years old and has used this most of her life and her skin looks amazing!!!!!! She doesnt have a flaw or line anywhere! I always thought it was just our genes but she told me no it was UT….. She also, said its nothing new and that people have been doing it for years they just dont talk about it.

    Can you imagine, You with your friends having a mellow moment and someone says “Hey, your skin looks great, what are you using” and you say you’re using Ut? Nope i dont think so! I dont think i have come to that point just yet hahahahaha Not ready to share my skin care secrets just yet hahahaha


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