Still Clear

Hi everyone

Just wanted to drop in and say hello to you all. 😀

Well, I cleared up two/three months ago with the chellation therapy/detox (and the probiotics and digestive enzymes) after having had cystic acne for nearly 10 years. I’m happy to report that I am still clear! and have not even experienced a new whitehead let alone a cyst in the past few months.

I am still working on my scarring and have been doing taping daily along with lactic peels every 10 days or so. You can barely see any red marks on my face now and my skin feels incredibly smooth. The pits are obviously still there but they look much better and softer since doing some self needling.

A note about my diet for the last few weeks, I have returned to eating whatever I want, I still eat a lot of fruit and vegetables but now also include wheat (yes, pasta!!) and dairy, coffee, tea etc.. with no adverse effects.

I guess everyones cure is different but I do hope you all find your cure sooner rather than later.

Take care and just know that one day you will be clear. 😀

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8 thoughts on “Still Clear

  1. Maya so glad to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and congrats on that skin clearing you go girl!! This will definetly be my approach now when I finish accutane this month. That along with some of that EFT therapy you know I need 😀 :wink


  2. Ah Mari!! Yeah – forgot to mention this to you, I guess I have been tapping myself with the EFT nearly every day for the past couple of months to alleviate any stress. I guess that has had a major effect on my skin.

    I can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself and then you will know what a true miracle it is not to have to worry and obsess about your skin any more.

    Mari, don’t forget to PM me to let me know when your website is up an running, bet it will be brilliant. :angel

  3. So glad to see you love! Also, happy to hear that things are going great for your skin and you can eat whatever you want, wow im ssooo jealous hahahahaha You said you do Tape therapy, what happened to the skin needling for scars? Did it help or ou got tired of it?

    Mari, what is EFT?

  4. Hey Maya, that’s great news. 🙂 You’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into clearing your skin, going against all the advice of the ‘professionals’, you deserve to see some good results. 😀

    I’m clearing up really well, my plan is to keep it up for 3-6 months (however long it takes really) until my skin is strong enough to withstand ‘toxins’ (wheat, alcohol, sugars etc) and then will slowly start introducing them. Hopefully I’ll be living a ‘normal’ life again in the not too distant future and I can put some weight back on!!

    Well done!! 🙂 :mrgreen


  5. Popcorn/Nique – Yes, I’m still for the needling 😮 looks like i’ll get it done in February. 😀
    Hope you are well.

    Tom – thanks 😀 It’s been a bit of a slog but I got the right formula for me, hopefully you will be able to start reintroduicng foods back into you diet soon. It does feel great to go out and not stress over eating pizza!

    About diet, I haven’t gone totally mad of course, just allowing myself to lead a more normal life.

  6. Maya, i too have cystic acne when i’m getting my period or eat the wrong thing and then they stay there forever it seems. I looked at your detox/chellation therapy and wanted to try it maybe with a bit of variation incase i can’t find all the products here. My list is:

    Multivitamin(s.s tonic in pill form 2 a day)
    Cod liver oil in caps
    Probiotics for before meals (acidophilous 4 a day)
    Alpha Lipoic acid (not sure yet , just started ,maybe 1 a day)

    Would i need the NAC and MSM and Fish oils?

  7. Mimi

    Firstly, I think you may want to swap your cod liver oil for Salmon fish oils when you finish them – take 2-4 gels a day – make sure it says it’s from an unpolluted source on the jar.

    No, MSM isn’t necessary – you can use the Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg, MSM 4 grams OR NAC 600mg – just find out which is the cheapest, alternatively, you can use ALL of them and alternate them on different days. They are different products but do work in a similar way when detoxing.

    Take probiotics AFTER a meal – wait around 15 minutes then take your probiotic supplement – do not take the supplement with hot drinks, as that kills the friendly bacteria. Alternatively, eat some ‘Live’ yoghurt for your dessert.

    I suggest you also include some digestive enzymes – take these just BEFORE a meal and it will help you digest food that you might have some intollerance to.

    If your multi does not have at least 1 gram of Vit C, then you need to take more Vit C – ideally 1-4 grams a day. If you decide to take NAC or MSM, you need to take your Vit C at the same time to make them effective.

    Good luck Mimi, I hope this works as well for you as it has done for me. 😀

  8. Thanks Maya. i’ll work to suit over the next few wks and see what is working and what isn’t.

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