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Hey! I always wear the same amount of makeup, I mean I do the same thing for day and night everyday. I feel like there is nothing different I can do. I already wear eye makeup-shadow, liner, mascara. Any suggestions on how I can make it look different, maybe noticeably different, more dressed up, more glamorous. Thanks for any suggestions.
I’ve always wanted to be able to not have to wear any makeup on a daily basis so on special occasions I could and I would look different and people would be like wow you look beautiful, but on every occasion I look the same! THANKS! 😀

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9 thoughts on “new years eve makeup

  1. are you saying I already go for the slut look? Because although listed that eyemakeup may sound like alot I dont have the slut look. very far from it.

  2. no im not saying that dmb!

    what im saying your sure to get noticed if you arrive looking like aguilera in the dirrty video 😛

  3. Well…NY’s is over now. But if you want something different, try different colours, and a different style. Like, what I do, is firstly apply a nude colour over my eye, then at the top, underneath my eyebrow, I apply a frosty white eyeshadow, as well as in the inner corner of my eyes. Then, a dark dark bronzie brown on the outer corner, then just dust thr rest off with a nice metallic bronze/goldish shade. Then just mascara, eyeliner,…and you’re done. This is only for special occasions though….I could never do this every day, takes too long. I don’t wear make up hardly ever,..which is probably why I look different when I go out. haha.

  4. Yeah,i’d say follow something along the lines of what Nessa said.
    Day to day,i normally just wear concealer and mascara because i’m not going out anywhere really.
    I get weird about using foundation because it feels like a mask and i really don’t want it making my skin worse.Not sure if it would but anyway.Actually i think the Jane Iredale pressed powder is alright to wear.
    I’d say just keep your make-up natural in the daytime.Base if you want and concealer.If i didn’t have these bloomin’ spots i wouldn’t wear any base because i think seeing your natural skin colour is nice if your skin is good.I’ve got afew freckles over my nose and i think it casn look healthy to see things like that.
    If you want to wear eyeshadow in the daytime,i’d wear a neutral colour and then mascara.Maybe a little natural blusher if you want to wear a base.

    Then for the nights you can really glam it up.Keep your base make-up the same.Then on the eyes,use the neutral eyeshadow first all over the eye and up to the eyebrow.You could use a highlighter underneath the arch of your eyebrows and in the corners of your eyes.Then get a smoky grey colour or something like that and use that over the lid and maybe a little underneath the eyes.Finish with a nude lipgloss because if you’re going heavy on the eyes you don’t want to overdo it with the lips aswell.

    I did that look last night for New Years Eve because i really like having the smoky eye effect for the evenings.You want people to look into your eyes so it’s good.Use loads of mascara abd put a little extra on the corners of your lashes because it opens the eyes out.

    Another way you could look different for the evenings is to do the neutral make-up for your base and eyes but then use a red lipstick on your lips if you want to draw attention to your mouth.

    There are plenty of ways to look different for when you go out at night.
    Hope this helps 🙂

  5. Brands like Too Faced, MAC and Make Up Store do really gorgeous glitters that look great on big nights out. I don’t mean tacky glitters with huge sparkles, these are more like shimmery powders. They can be used on face and/or body.
    Highlighters like BeneFit’s high beam also look great on cheekbones, browbones and on the bridge of the nose.
    I personally am a big fan of blusher, I think everyone looks so much nicer with rosy cheeks!

  6. It’s too late for New Year’s Eve, but I recently bought a really nice round palette of Lorac make-up — it contains 5 eye shadows (black, garnet, gold, serenity, persuasion), a blush (soul), a lip tint (red brown), and a shimmery lip gloss (pewter) which looks great over the lip tint. The eye shadows all have some sparkle to them, and the gold color shadow definitely gives an evening look. The whole palette is great for dressy occasions. If you live in L.A., you can get it from “Le Fragrance and Fashion” store in Tarzana in the valley for less than half of what department stores charge. The top of the case may have a blemish on it (scratches, e.g.), but the product itself is in perfect shape. I made a posting below about this store.

  7. THANKS everyone, yeah I was just talking about makeup for evenings, but since it was new year’s eve that’s what I said, even though I didn’t even go out that night. I got a $100 gift certificate from MAC for Christmas, so hopefully I’ll be able to find some stuff there, I’m sure I will.

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