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Denise I would like to try that out of gallbladder flush as you know I took accutane and I think this should be a good idea to make sure my liver and gallbladder is functioning properly now in the afterwards.

I defenetly dont think I would go through the olive oil process because my stomach is very sensitive at the moment and I do not want to even think of the possibility of loosing one pound or have a diarreah attack. As I readed if youcant use the olive oil/lemon juice you can just try taking the golden tincture for longer term to get rid of the gallstones slowly. My question is how to approach first, like with the chineese bitters for liver purge or get rid of the gallstones first? I must say this is very interesting topic.

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  1. Hiya Miss Mari 🙂

    My computer was out of commission for 3 days, so I wasn’t able to get back with you.

    IMHO, you SHOULD *NOT* do a liver flush without at least a couple of months’ preparation. Besides that, you may have to do MANY liver flushes to completely rid your liver of stones.

    You should do a detox/colon cleanse before you do any liver flushing. Be sure to read the sites I linked to very carefully. The liver is very sensitive to *ANY* pharmacuetical drug. Because the liver has an extremely hard time synthesizing any synthetic drug, I specifically named Accutane and antibiotics because we are talking about acne. *ANY* synthetic pharmacuetical drug can cause liver stones due to the fact that they are so incredibly hard for the liver to break down.

    I can look back on my life now and see that I had typical signs of liver stones but it has gotten progressively worse as I’ve gotten older. In my twenties, blood cleansing herbs kept me clear but never “cured” my acne. Nothing ever has, because gallstones has always been my problem, not “dirty blood”, not “lack of b5”, etc….

    Hopefully, when my liver is fully flushed, I’ll be cured of my acne. Or at the very least, be able to control it very easily.

  2. Hi Denise,
    You have me confused. :scratch

    What exactily are ‘liver stones’?

    I plugged in ‘liver stones’ into the Mayo Clinic site and got no reply.

    I plugged the same info into Web M.D. and got 6 pages of information about ‘kidney stones’ and ‘gall stones’.

    Nothing about ‘liver stones’.

    I am curious, are you talking about cleansing the urinary system (kidney, bladder) or are you talking about the blood system (liver is filter for the blood)?

    If you are talking about the actual liver how can stones be in the circulating blood without killing us when they pass through the heart and lungs?

  3. i think the reason you cant find anything on liver stones is that historically (according to the link denise posted in that other thread under liver cleanse) there has been a misconception that liver stones are actually gall bladder stones. when new research has shown the stones are actually present in the liver as well.

  4. Solomio; tdc has it right. Mari’s post is a continuation from another thread where I posted a couple of links. I also stated that I had passed well over 400 gallstones in the past 8 weeks from liver flushing.

    You can read about it at:; be sure to look onto the right side of the screen under “cleanses” and click onto “liver flush”.

    Also, you can check out:

    Sensiblehealth is perhaps the best website out there that explains this in layman’s language. It also explains why milk thistle and Swedish Bitters broke me out terribly. Flax oil and primrose oil never helped me either. All of these things contain plant estrogens.

    Anyway, I’m on the Chinese Bitters and Gold Coin Grass right now from Sensiblehealth and they are much better than anything else I’ve taken.

  5. Hey Denise lets keep this up because I want to learn a lot about this. I readed that of the gold coin grass and the chinnese bitters. The website says the gold coin grass helps crushes the stones and if you do that alone you can get rid of them but it will take well over year by only taking that gold coin grass. I do not plan to do a liver/gallbladder flush like the curezone describe like that of the olive oil and the fasting because my stomach is too sensible to do that stuff and of course i know me and i like the easy way even if its longer time. What I planned was starting by taking the gold coin grass alone and see how that goes. YOu think thats okay?? Please tell me more about it and how has been your experience with it!

  6. Mari, the best thing to do is to read the CureZone information for about 2 weeks and digesting it. That’s exactly what I did before I did anything.

    You should flush your liver until all the stones are gone; that could take quite a while.

    But in any event, the Gold Coin Grass breaks up the stones, but it doesn’t flush them out.

    For me personally, I would read for hours at the Curezone site; they have a forum for liver flushing. I would randomly pick old archived threads to read and I would just read for hours, educating myself.

    If you have upset stomach, it’s might be due to gallstones clogging your liver…. :crazyeyes :shock

    I personally use safflower oil and ruby red grapefruits as the olive oil would be pretty hard to take; the safflower oil is pretty tasteless and light. But keep in mind Mari that the stones might get broken down by Gold Coin Grass, but they still clog your bile ducts and they still need to be flushed out. Again, read as much as you can at the CureZone site; read the liver flushing FAQS as well, that is VERY helpful!!! 😀

  7. Denise I will keep reading but I just dont think I will do the flush. So far I have readed you can loose weight yikes sista I dont want to think of loosing an ounce of my body weight. Im gonna order that gold coin grass and will see how that goes, I dont mind taking it for a long time if it works. What I have clear is that I seriously need to pay attention to my liver health after accutane.

  8. Denise where are you? I ordered those Chinnesse bitters and gold coin grass. Im gonna experiment with that stuff after I come from California. Im gonna start with a little of those chinesse bitters and see what reaction I got from it. As I read its a very strong liver purger so I will takevery little of it. I dont understand well, what makes different a cleanser from a purger? It sounds to me like the its the same..

  9. I started with Chinese Bitter too. I didn’t notice anything the first two days but then my skin broke out. Not just small bumps but some old cysts showed their ugly heads again. I guess I took it too often and too much. I took half a teespoon everyday. I am going to have a break taking it untill my skin is clear but I do believe that the liver plays a central role in my skin condition so I just have to slow down the flushing of my liver.

    But good luck to you Mari.

    DD 8)

  10. wow thats odd to hear danishdude. Oh man now I dont want to take it thinking I can get a breakout heheh. It says that you cannt take the chinese bitter for a long time. It should be spaced because its a very potent liver purger. You not doing the gold coin grass??

  11. I dont think you should consider my acne-condition normal. I think my body is very sensitive when it comes to flushing and detoxing. Recently I also started taking MSM and it broke me out too with the same effect – cysts not small bumps. It has a detoxing effect and even though I tried to take a break and start slowly (0,5 gms a day) it gave me trouble. The same thing happened when I tried ALA.

    So now I have decided to take a break and try doing a detox the “normal” way. Eating all the good stuff and nothing bad. When my body are used to this I will consider starting MSM and then after a while MAYBE Chinese Bitter.

    DD 8)

  12. Yep, it’s totally normal to break out while detoxifying. Most people who aren’t acne prone get terrible headaches (because of the detoxifying of the liver), as Julia even says on her site.

    My best friend is going through a terrible detox right now. She feels terrible.

    I guess I’ve done so many cleanses that break me out at the beginning of the cleanse, that it seems totally normal to me. That’s usually what happens.

    BTW Mari, just so long as you understand that breaking up the stones won’t flush them out of your body. They will still clog your liver up, even if they are breaking down. :crazyeyes

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