Please help!

Everyone, most of you all know me, and I need help with something.I had been taking retin a micro for a long time but just last week I went to my doctor and she decided to let me start taking differin gel and these pills called ery pills.The differin does seem to be working and I just started taking the pills a few days ago.My doctor only gave me 10 of the pills and here comes the bad part.

Tommorrow on Christmas I am going to my grandparents house.Now all of my family on my mom’s side will be there and this is the first time they will see me with acne.The problem I have is at night should I still put on this differin gel?I mean my face looks all nasty when I put it on at night and I would hate to see my family look at me like that.I will be there till Saturday so should I just not put it on those 2 nights and just stay on the B5 pills since I will be out of the ERY pills?

I am really nervous that if I do this my face will breakout bad there but I dont want my face to look horrible when I go to bed and they see me.

Plus Im going to have to wake up very early in the morning so I can put on my makeup.

Any help?

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2 thoughts on “Please help!

  1. Hey Brett! First off – try not to stress about it too much. Although we all worry about what other people will think of our skin the reality is usually that they don’t pay as much attention as we think.
    If I were you I would continue with my normal routine, despite whether or not other family members willl see you. They might not even notice and if they do then i’m sure they would understand why you’re doing what you are. At the end of the day these people are your family and even though you will feel uncomfortable at first just try not to worry about what they are thinking. Just do your thing and if you don’t make a big deal of it then niether will they.

    If the worst comes to the worst and someone says something wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing that THEY KNOW you are taking the appropriate action? That way you avoid all the “trying-to-be-helpful” remarks whilst being able to continue with your normal routine. Thats how id try to look at it anyway.

    Good luck Brett, i’m sure it’ll be fine 😀
    Merry Christmas

  2. Hey thanks a lot for replying!

    But do you think my face would look horrible those 1-2 days if I didnt put on the differin gel at night?

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