Christmas Diet

Hi guys 🙂
So everyone who sticks to a diet nfor their skin,how are you going to cope over Christmas?!
As you probably know,i’m on accutane but i do try to stick to the diet too.I still don’t know for sure if diet affects my skin but i do it just in case!
I’m probably going to eat anything and everything over Christmas and New Year because i’m not sure i can resist :roll But i am scared of it breaking me out for New Years Eve because i would really like to go out if i feel good enough about myself.

Maybe i should just be seeing how accutane does and focusing on just that.I don’t know :roll Maybe then i could really get into the diet in the New Year.I suppose that’s when most people start their diets anyway!!! :lol
It’s so hard to resist the mince pies,tins of Roses chocolates,Pringles,creme,cheesecake,stuffing(mmm :wink )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tell me i’m not the only one!!!But i don’t want to break out!!!

I’ve been wondering something 😕 Do you think if you follow a diet without all of the toxins for the acne but then you break the diet and eat toxic food,when you go back to the diet,that’s when you break out because that’s when you are detoxing the bad food out through your skin? 😕 I’m not sure i’m explaining this very well.
It’s just,last weekend when it was my birthday,i ate bread,dairy,birthday cake(so lots of icing!) and on the Friday,Saturday and Sunday when i was eating that,my skin was o.k.Then on the Monday i got back to my diet and on Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday,i started to break out more.

Maybe if i just ate bad everyday over Christmas and New Year i wouldn’t break out until i started eating healthily again?

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Diet

  1. Kelly,

    I know you’re in a real panic right now….I just read one of your posts about the acne still being bad at 11 weeks…but,
    Heck Girl, it’s Christmas!!
    Just enjoy it!
    Don’t fret too much about a diet…stress is not good for your skin!
    Don’t pig out too much on chocolates and mince pies and the like, but do enjoy your Christmas dinner and some dessert! I mean really, where’s the harm in Turkey, (lean white meat), and vegetables???? Don’t overload on carbs, but don’t be scared of having a few nice crispy roast spuds either! If you like a drink, stay away from beers, and spirits that have a high sugar content…but enjoy a few glasses of wine at least! (Just make sure it’s dry; has the least carbs)

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ after all, so give yourself a break for once….
    I worry about you fretting so much, I really do.

    Give yourself a break over Christmas and Boxing Day!

    Best wishes Sweetie…’s wishing you a stress free Christmas, and a wonderful acne free, (or at least very much improved), New Year!


  2. I don’t follow as strict as diet as some of the others do, but I do watch my carbs and try to avoid fried foods. But its Christmas, so just eat sensibly, but even to eat one day “bad” I think is worth a couple spots. Christmas only happens once a year! :mrgreen

  3. I’ve been on a pretty strict diet for a while. It has gotten pretty loose these last few days… candy, bread, bad food combining… everything but the fried foods. I wouldn’t touch those with a 10 ft pole.

    Anyway, my face continues to get better regardless. Goes to show that your body can easily handle some bad stuff, it is when it has been going on for 15+ years that it gets to be a problem.

    I wouldn’t put the enjoyment of the holiday above some food combining rules, enjoy the time and at new year’s get your whole act together 🙂

  4. hey justaguy, you sound like me! I’ve been doing all that stuff except the fried food too and still, my face is clear. It’s quite puzzling really :lol

  5. From what I understand, a large part of the reason for being on these diets is to take stress off your liver and to help cleanse and repair it. To me it sounds like after you’ve been taking care of yourself for a while, your liver functionality “beefs up” a bit. So it is more capable of handling eating junk once a while and not causing you to break out, since it isn’t being overtaxed.

    Isn’t that what we’re all hoping for, getting our bodies back to a point where we can have a relatively normal diet and still stay clear?

  6. It ws christmas too and there ws a bbq and i ate everything and anything…hhha except heaty stuffs, like herbal soup stuffs like that and hey i don’t get much breakout oly 2 bumps..i am not worry over it. Plus i started on a new skin cre range which seems to be comfortable to my skin so i break my strict iet for a while…

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