Started B5 treatment today.

Using Solgar 550mg vegicaps. I’m going to use the gradual method (yes, even though some people will criticize), but at a quick pace. Starting with one gram, then increasing by one gram each day, until I reach 10grams or I see my face clearing. Everyones body is different, so I just want to see if I have a certain tolerable limit of B5. Here’s my regimine:

Minocycline 100mg 2x day
Natures Way daily two multi(iron free)
Zinc 30mg (as zinc amino acid chelate)
Biotin 2500mcg
MSM 2g
Vit C 1g
Milk Thistle 180mg 3x day

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6 thoughts on “Started B5 treatment today.

  1. Thanks hawk, great link. You are right, that’s much too fast of a pace to be increasing my dose. It’s been three days now, and I did change my plans about how i would take my B5. I started at 3g a day for a couple weeks, then probably going to double that, and so on. Am I just too anxious too see results, or is my skin really less oily after only three days at 3g. My forehead seems much less oily at the end of the day as I type this, by now it’s usually pretty bad if I haven’t showered yet. On a good note nothing bad has developed, no new acne in 3-4 days. I guess I will keep this as sort of a B5 journal, if anything worth posting is taking place. Nothing strict, not everyday, only when neccessary.

  2. Oh yea, has B5 helped anybody with blackheads? I have very stubborn ones in my nose, and I love to get rid of them while I’m at it. Also, has B5 helped with complexion as well, like skin tone, “tightness”, “radiance”, etc…? Thank You

  3. I think B5 is the answer. seems to be fixing my black heads and clearing skin well

    I take perfectil tabs two per day.

  4. Today marks week 1 on B5. I didn’t stick to my original dosing schedule, just cause after reading lots of posts on B5 i figured it wouldn’t be enough. I’ve been taking 5 grams a day since day 3. Definetly less oil production, but acne hasn’t really been affected. Actually got 3-4 new ones recently. This may be the start of an initial break out, or it could be totally unrelated, either way I’m sticking with it for now. Any feedback is appreciated.

  5. 10 days on 5g a day average. My forehead is breaking out like no other. That was one area of my face that I actually took pride in too, never a problem, but B5 is the only change recently, so I’m blaming it. I can’t take this weather it’s an initial break out or not. I’m stopping B5 now.

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