I’m Making My Own Skincare Line

OK guys, I’m thinking about making my own skincare line,
I’ve got about 3 products that are ready for production. It’s a moisturizer, moisturizer + suscreen, and a eye lash conditioning serum.

anyways the products are all listed as 0 comedgecity and 0 irritation. is there any interest in purchasing these products? i’m not quite sure about price yet, but if there’s a big enough demand i’ll start making them! oh and the sunscreen i’m using is z-cote, it’s a micronized form of zinc oxide that provides broadspectrum UVA-UVB protection without that white cast.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Making My Own Skincare Line

  1. i’m thinking about giving out some free trials etc to some trusted members of the board. but the thing is if i want to purchase things in the quantities i want to it’s going to be quite an investment. i just want to make sure, i’ll at the least make back the money I put in. these are quality products, there’s no junk, it’s very safe for irritated skin etc.

  2. also if anyone is interested in forming a partnership etc. i would be willing 🙂 ooh and i’m looking into making a portion of the donation going to WarChild.

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