please please help me with this diet thing

ok im gonna go on a strict diet
iv given up everything including milk, bread, potatoes, starch, sugar, rice..etc

all im gonna eat is Fruits, Vegetables, Fish and Nuts

what i wanna know is, im quite skinny as it is and i dont wanna dissapear into thin air.. so whats the best way to keep in good shape. im gonna go to the gym and work out, also take protien powder
but would that be enough? cos i dont wanna look like ally macbeal

thanks guys

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3 thoughts on “please please help me with this diet thing

  1. I’m on a very similar diet, and I’m very thin so I really don’t want to lose any weight. The only thing I can suggest is to eat more. Eat non-stop, as long as you stick to your diet. Watch out for the sweetener in the protein powder. The topic of diet and acne, including losing weight while on the diet, is discussed on an insanely long thread at Thins I eat to keep my weight up: lots of peanut butter and bananas (simply jif has less sugar, or you can use all natural stuff); brown rice concoctions that sometimes include tofu, onions, garlic, chicken, leafy greens like bok choy, peas, carrots, artichoke hearts, etc – this list can go on and on, and it tastes great with the right seasoning; more peanut butter and bananas. If anyone has any ideas, I’m always into adding new foods to my diet.

  2. reza, i’m on that exact diet. except for the prot. supplements. you’ll notice more energy, or atleast i did. you can eat larger and more frequent meals without feeling too guilty, just don’t overdo it (like everything :P) but make sure you eat you’re FATS too, olive oil is key (provides a good amount of unsaturated fates) same with fatty fish (dark fish) like salmon, tuna, etc.

  3. Excellent choice Reza.

    I’ve recently completed a 5 month strict diet similar to that. The results are fantastic! Anyways here are some suggestions:

    You are going to lose weight most likely. I lost about 15 pounds. Which was bad since I was already skinny. But in 1 week after loosening my diet, I’ve gained back 8 pounds.

    And one thing I have learned, you cannot both clear acne and gain weight (muscle) effectively at the same time. It is just 2 opposite bodily processes. You are trying to grow and heal at the same time. It is like trying to lose weight and gain muscle mass at the same time. Its not impossible, but darn close for average people. But you might be able to maintain weight. Let us know how it goes please.

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