Hello…I am wondering if anyone has used Goldenseal on their acne and if it has helped. I am JUST wondering. If you haven’t used it before, I wouldn’t suggest thinking that it WILL work. Thanks.

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One thought on “Goldenseal

  1. Cali90,
    I’ve used Goldenseal herb in tea form. You can buy Goldenseal herb in tea bags or you can buy it loose, and brew your tea in one of those stainless steel tea holders that health food stores sell for this purpose. I don’t remember it doing anything special for me back when I tried it.

    I never used Goldenseal herb tea directly on my skin.
    Maybe it works better that way??? 😮

    Goldenseal is a strong, antiseptic herb, and if you want to take it internally you should read any instructions that come with it or look up the instructions on the web. I do know that it can make you ill if you take too much of it internally, too soon.


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