Acne scar help!!!

Hey guys!

I am a 22 yr old male and my complexion is brown (im Indian). I never had problems with pimples, until a month ago. I got 4 on my face. 2 on each cheek. They came, they went and left a nice brown mark. I think the term is called hyperpigmentation?

ANyway, i went to my derm and he told me to get the following


Dynacin Pill (precription)
Erhtymitic Solution
AHA oily acne solution
Light moisturizer

Dynacin pill (prescription)
Erhtymitic Solution
AHA oily acne solution
Light moisturizer
Retin-A (every other night)
Bleaching cream (vitamin K) on spots

I have been doing this for a month and still no luck. should I keep following his directions? I am due to visit him again in 2 weeks. I just dont wanan keep buying his brand of medicine (i know he does have a business to run)

Are there any OTC medications that i could use? On, the nights that i dont use Retin-A, I put Neutrogena Benzo Peroxide and then Neospirin on my scars. I read somewhere that this helps.

Also, I’ve heard putting Vit. E gel on the scars and Mederma too

So anyone have any tips?? Any tips for general facial cleansing? LIke what do I do when, say I get a new pimple tomm? toothpaste?


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One thought on “Acne scar help!!!

  1. Hey fallenangel,
    I know how ya feel, as I’m of Indian descent as well. my acne also leaves me with a scar (pretty dark at times). Now, being a natural-way-to-treat-acne follower, I’ld think that all those items will dry out your skin…and more importantly, they’re only temporary relief. Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying your Derm is wrong or not even trying to say that you’re following the wrong regimen. I’m simply saying that since your acne started only a month ago but u never suffered from it before (your entire teenage years) you may be able to treat ur acne with a diet plan. I really suggest you read some of the posts on the general acne chat forum…u’ll be surprised how some natural products can heal you soo fast. However, I have no doubt those items will heal you. but those topicals that you have been using for a month (that still didn’t disappear ur pigments) will work the same way as, for example, the apple cider vinegar that many of us are using on this forum and have seen profound changes within few weeks to months (depending on ur condition). There are many things to try w/o using the “medicines” that Derms give us. But for u, I’ld suggest that why dont u stick with this regimen for, say, another month?? if nothing, start thinking about putting urself on a diet and using natural products to help ur scars. There is something called Mandelic acid (search up on it in – mandelic acid thread) that helped a lot of people with scars AND active acne. It just sounds like u have a moderate acne, not severe. so these may help. Search up on these things, and u’ll find tons of info.

    damn i wrote so much! ok maybe more people will post too 🙂 good luck!!

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